Deal Might Be Close But Lockout Will Languish

So the greedy owners are finally feeling the heat. Now that the preseason revenue is at risk the desire to do a deal is rumored to be imminent. The problem with all of these warm feelings is that even with an agreement there is no end date for the lockout.

Lost in all of the pseudo deadlines and splashy headlines are the logistics of this whole fiasco.

DeMaurice Smith and the devil himself Roger Goodell could emerge from meetings arm in arm and there would still be padlocks on every NFL facility in this great country of ours. There is still much work to be done before the lockout officially ends.

Therein lies the problem.

All the owners care about is preserving their income. So long as the Hall of Fame game goes off without a hitch they’ll feel as if they’ve done a great job. Never mind all the players and coaches out there that will be left to scramble to prepare an entire football team, cramming four months into two weeks. Forget about the training staff and their injury assessments that will be rushed to conclusion. Who cares about the employees that lost their dream jobs and have had to find work elsewhere?

This entire lockout has been a manufactured cash grab by the owners and now we’re supposed to rejoice that they’re willing to do a deal.

I think not.

Naturally I’ll welcome the NFL back with open arms. I’m a consumer and like all consumers I’m at the mercy of the machine. I do the machine’s bidding even though I secretly wish to destroy it.

Every owner should be ashamed. They’ve compromised the integrity of their product all in the name of getting richer.

While on the surface it will appear as if a last minute deal is a good thing the truth is it could be the worst outcome possible. Rushing athletes and coaches during the preparatory time is a bad idea. It’s not like brain surgeons are told to hurry up while trying to diagnose the best procedure possible. While James Harrison has proven the NFL is nothing near brain surgery there is still a science to how this whole athletic thing works.

Maybe I’m just a pessimist that’s had a few too many sour grapes over the years. Perhaps it’s the ominous threat of Carmageddon hanging over my head this weekend. Whatever it is, I truly hope the length of this lockout does not have any affect on the game. But I doubt that. Just as I doubt the owners took the right approach to this whole process.

But what does any of that matter?

The agreement is going to be in place. The public will rejoice. The players will still be unable to work until all of the legal language is worked out.

Until we see players and coaches on the field together, nothing has changed. The terms of the new CBA don’t affect me in any way. All I care about is watching the Raiders. Let me know when that will happen and I’ll join in the celebrating. Anything else is just pillow talk trumped up by the urgency of the owners to keep their summer vacation plans in place.

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