Raider Fantasy Preview

The fantasy football season is upon us! If you play FF, this means you are up to your knees in magazines, stats, sleeper notes and are tired of ESPN’s lame “experts” running their collective mouths. (Like you Sapp. Feel free to shut that trapola.)

The reason for my article is to take a look at the Raiders from a fantasy football perspective. We will start with Darren McFadden. DMC is a top 10 running back who should have another strong year. The big question marks to ponder are does Campbell have the ability to keep our defense off the field and keep 8 men from stacking the box on DMC. If Jason Campbell can have another productive year, and the line shows signs of life, I would take DMC in the top 10 of the RB’s possible 2nd or 3rd round. (This week’s game will show you what you need to see if he plays.) Michael Bush is a solid 4th RB (in deeper leagues) and a great #2 if DMC goes down.

Jacoby Ford is the man. He was the spark plug that kept us in many games last year. He single handily took over the KC game in Alameda last year. As for fantasy value, Ford is a great 3rd WR option on your team. If you get points for kick returns/yardage/points, he is a super safe 3rd WR option. Now if rookie fenom Denarius Moore get the kick return job, it will devalue Ford tremendously.

On the other hand, if you play in a deeper league (12+ teams); Denarius Moore and or Jacoby Ford are both great 2nd or 3rd receiver options. The way “D-Mo” is playing, he might be starting over everyone. (Hopefully he kicks DHB out of his starting job.)

Kevin Boss is a solid tight end. Having said that, I would not touch him in a fantasy draft at all. There are 25 or more other TE’s that have more upside then him. Also, Campbell is having a tough time finding him in pre season. Plus he has a hurt knee from the last game. Personally, I would love to see my boy David Ausberry from Lemoore, California make the team and take over as the number two TE. (I can dream right?)

Sebastian Janokowski is well Seabass the Polish Cannon. I refuse to talk about kickers in this draft preview because they are always a coin flip at best!

Raiders to stay away from in your draft: DHB, Chaz (broke down) Schilens, and the Raiders D. (Don’t get me started on that. That’s a whole different article.) We will wait to see what roll Luis Murphy has after his injury. Would love to see him play the slot and eat up some safties and line backers.

Remember, do not draft with your heart! Good luck!

Greg Simon

JBB Staff Writer

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