Raiders, Terrelle Pryor Make it Official

Three days after the Raiders drafted Terrelle Pryor they’re finally ready to welcome him into the family. PFT reports Pryor has signed a four-year deal and is currently in Cali with the team.

Let the long journey to becoming an NFL quarterback begin!

Pryor and the Raiders have made it clear the freakish athlete was drafted as a QB and that’s where he’s going to play. While Pryor is a project his contract makes the risk very minimal. Compare his signing bonus of just over a half-a-million to the$39-million Al Davis sank into the purple drank account of JaMarcus Russell and the economics make the argument for themselves.

That being said it would be a huge waste of talent should the Raiders choose to let Pryor sit the pine while awaiting the opportunity to take snaps under center.

No matter your opinion of Pryor none can argue that he’s a few years away from being trusted as an NFL signal caller. However there is no doubt his athletic ability makes him a multi-purpose weapon that can contribute immediately.

Time will tell on this calculated gamble. All things being considered the Raiders have done well to unearth talent in recent years so there’s no reason to discredit this move…yet.

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