Wonderlic Score Means Nothing Unless Terrelle Pryor Plays Quarterback

Why the Wonderlic test is relevant remains a bigger mystery than why Norv Turner still has a job. Since when did it matter how quickly a football player can correctly answer non-football related questions?

Maybe I’m missing the boat on this one but wouldn’t it make more sense to hand a prospective NFLer a playbook, ask the prospect to learn said book and then quiz him on it later?


The point of this diatribe on the many reasons why the Wonderlic is pointless relates to the rumors floating around of Terrelle Pryor scoring a 7 on the infamous test.  Now before all the typical jokes begin lets keep in mind JaMarcus Russell scored a 24 on his test. That didn’t end too well as I recall. It should also be noted that Russell outscored the likes of Dan Marino and Brett Favre. Not that outscoring either of the aforementioned QBs means much but it does bring me to my next point…

How one scores on the Wonderlic means next to nothing relative to how they’ll play in the NFL. Naturally everyone wants to put the position of quarterback on par with being President of the United States. Has anyone ever heard Terry Bradshaw speak? Dude has the IQ of a chinstrap but that didn’t stop him from winning a Super Bowl or two.

That the rumors of Pryor’s poor Wonderlic score are made into news is laughable. His inability to convert fractions doesn’t mean anything if his inability to hit open receivers doesn’t improve. Which brings me to the ultimate point of all these word groupings…

We wouldn’t even be talking about his score if the Raiders did the sensible thing and moved Pryor to tight end or receiver.

To be clear I’m not saying Al Davis should abandon Pryor’s development at quarterback just to avoid bad press. I’m simply saying the odds of Pryor becoming a great QB are long while the likelihood of TP becoming a dominant TE is much greater.

All this emphasis we put on the position of quarterback has become hyperbole. Yes, a good NFL QB must have a certain level of intelligence. You’re not going to have much success if you can’t digest an entire playbook and then be able to know it so well that you can improvise on the fly when you get a different look at the line of scrimmage.

This we all know.

However these tests fail to account for the most important fact of all – how well does he play?

You can miss me with 40-times, shuttle drills, Wonderlic tests and anything else Mel Kiper banks on. I’m only concerned with how a guy performs when the game is actually being played.

Pryor’s scoring an Elway on the Wonderlic didn’t change my opinion of him at all. I was already in the camp with those that think making TP into a professional QB is going to resemble the Tim Tebow exercise but with less fuss and much less Jesus referencing.

Simply put, if the Raiders make Pryor a pass catcher then this entire point is lost. Who cares what Andre Johnson or Antonio Gates score on the Wonderlic? I’m guessing nobody does because all they care about is whether or not those guys can catch the rock and make plays. Same goes for Pryor.

If he does remain at quarterback then this topic will make like Kathy Griffin and keep showing its ugly face. Should Pryor move elsewhere then we’ll only get this bit of knowledge after he’s handing the ball to an official with his hands extended over his head after a sick 80-yard run to paydirt.


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