Hue Jackson Has Got Some Explaining to Do

Hue Jackson might not be the man making all the roster decisions but since he’s on the front line he’ll have to face the music. While I highly doubt the Raiders will offer any insight into the thought process that has gone into assembling the 2011 roster they’d be wise to get in front of the story before it grows bigger. In fact, they’d be smart to say something now before the play on the field tells the true story.

This offseason has been odd to say the least. Not that we’d expect anything different from the Raiders and Kim Jong Al. Never mind the lockout, the bizarre manner of building Hue’s bully began long before the NFL owners made their cash grab.

From the Raiders letting Nnamdi Asomugh and Zach Miller walk to Michael Bennett making the final cut for one day, this whirlwind of a roster rollercoaster ride could just be getting started.

Let’s start with the most recent news.

Somebody is going to have to explain to me why the Raiders chose to keep 5 running backs (a position with great strength in the top three alone) yet parted ways with a plethora a DBs (a position of great weakness and inexperience). Only to turn around and cut Bennett then re-sign Matt Giordano whom they just cut 48-hours ago.

While we’re on the subject of DBs. Somebody is going to have to explain to me why Joe Porter made the final cut. Good for him that he got himself a real NFL job but bad for the Raiders who are in real need of an upgrade at cornerback. Porter parlayed a blocked kick in the final pre-season game into a permanent locker in Alameda…well, permanent only in the Michael Bennett kind of way.

With a guy like Brandon Meriweather available the Raiders opted to bring back Giordano. Just as they chose to bring Ricky Brown back in lieu of Travis Goethel going on IR and every other option in Silver and Black sucking. Back to Girodano for a moment…clearly Mike Mitchell’s “ding” is much worse than has been let on. This is one area Coach Jackson can’t dance around any longer. The regular season is starting and injury reports are coming.

Somebody is also going to have to explain to me why the roster is so offensive heavy when the defense is clearly the biggest weakness.

And while we’re talking offense, somebody please explain to me why the offensive unit that needs the most help (the line) is the one with the least amount of bodies. Daniel Loper might not have been good but he was good enough to fill in for Robert Gallery last year which deemed him good enough to ink a two-year deal. Too bad he’s gone the way of Gallery by being given the boot on his way out of the East Bay.

For the record the Raiders have 4 tight ends on the roster (5 if you include Kevin Brock on the practice squad). I guess they’re banking on Richard Gordon’s blocking skills to help assist on that awful right side of the line.

Somebody please explain to me why Trent Edwards was cut if the next best emergency option is…Shane Lechler? I’m not saying Edwards played well enough to be a Raider. Heck, with the way Edwards played in the preseason he’d be lucky to be holding a clipboard behind Andrew Luck at his alma mater. Why not keep Edwards as an insurance policy until Terrelle Pryor is done martyring for Ohio State?

I don’t doubt there is some logic to all these puzzling moves. I’d just like for someone to explain that logic to me.

And that somebody is you, Coach Jackson.

Too bad for Raider Nation that John Herrera is back to his old media-savvy ways.

Too bad for all of us that Coach Jackson is already speaking in a heavily coded language as if he were Eliot Spitzer the first time someone other than a hooker called him ‘Client 9’.

Coach Jackson, you might not be the man pulling the strings but you’re paid to be his mouthpiece.

So please, explain something to us. We’re waiting…


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  • NJRaiderfan27

    this team is so much weaker compared to last year’s team. they dangled Stevie Brown out there (and lost him to the Panthers) and held onto Bennett only to waive him and resign Giordano?!?!? WTF?!?!? horrible move!! if the Raiders win 6 games with the roster they’ve got they should consider themselves lucky!

  • RaidersHLP

    DMac Right -DMac Left -DMac screen- DMac return kicks.- DMac spit out as a WR. That would be my plan at least. We have cap room. A grab for an upper tier LB CB or S seems like a no-brainer. Lets not forget we returned 19 of 22 starters and replaced Miller. These problems are all about S/T’s and backups.

  • 2ndclarence

    It’s obvious by now…Hue Jackson is a con artist and a puppet. I was skeptical from the jump…but it’s clear he’s in over his head. No sense of his own identity…just Al Davis’ latest mouthpiece. Will this team EVER play decent defense again? More pressing…will Kyle Orton, Eddie Royal, and Brandon Lloyd look like Montana, Rice, and Taylor Monday night?

  • Raiderlifestyle

    Wow. What a bunch of freaking pansies! Hey author, notice all the negativity here? We’re the raiders god dam#i@!!!! I feel your frustration, don’t get me wrong. However you guys (esp. the author) are sounding like 49er fans! Wah wah wah enough already. How about the promise our O line and the offense in general has shown? As a former free safety it kills me to watch our guys get burnt in the secondary. Hell I’ve experienced that feeling a bunch of times, especially in the preseason. Let me tell you though, that can put a real fire in your a$$ too! So some cuts were made and some shuffling is still under way. Lets just take a chill pill and see what our boys can do against the donks. We have almost all of the tools to kick butt this year. All we need to do (players and fans alike) is show up at game time. So sack up and quit belittling Hue and big Al. You really think you have a better understanding of the game or the holes in our roster then the coaches and the owner? It’s sad that you’re polluting Google with negative rants to get impressions, even calling out your own team’s coach. 

  • Slam

    The first time Hue does something Al doesn’t like, John Herrera will march out and insult and belittle Jackson, them it’s game on.

    Hue, to his credit, has admitted Davis makes the roster decisions.

    Of course when DVD gets lit up like a spliif at a Wailers concert, it’s Hue’s job to take the blame.

    Here we go again.

  • RichardRamos

    Great post, yes this is a head scratcher on many move Hue has made..The raider D looks like Shit & they think the preseason means nothing try exposing a D that gives up 50%3rd down through 4 games & is dead last in yardage giving up & points allowed through 4 games?..We are supposed to believe that this will change in Denver & buffalo?..What kind of Weed are you smoking here?..Please send me some