Out of Bounds: 5 Quirky Questions for a Bills Blogger

After last week’s 41-7 crushing of Kansas City the secret is out of the bag, the Bills are for real. Or could it be the Chiefs are just chumps? Somewhere in-between the truth can be found. More specifically, the truth will be found on the field.

This Sunday the Oakland Raiders will roll into Orchard Park to put Buffalo to the test.

Tommy Kelly has already reminded Ryan Fitzpatrick and company that the Raiders aren’t the Bills. He’ll be a big part of Oakland’s effort to bully dem’ Bills into defeat.

In order to get prepared for the game we at JBB reached out to our fellow FanSiders over at BuffaloLowDown to get the dirt on what could be the best team in New York State. As usual we took a different approach in our line of questioning to get a beat on the Bills from BLD’s editor Brad Andrews. Here are the out of bounds questions I threw at Brad and his great answers

Q:  If Ryan Fitzpatrick were a celebrity who would he be?

A: Hmmm…I’ll go with Conan O’Brien. Both went to Harvard, both are capable of growing sweet beards, and both have small but very devoted fan bases. And Fitz has a radio show now. Maybe it’s his first step towards awkwardly interviewing celebrities on basic cable late at night.

Q: Jason Campbell throws for 200 yards or Shawne Merriman gets injured: Which is more likely to happen Sunday?

A: Sadly for Bills fans, it’s Merriman getting injured. His roided-up tendons are just about worn out. He played about twenty plays this preseason and got hurt twice. He got banged up in the Kansas City game in the first half and then played a fairly disinterested second half. Any game he doesn’t get hurt in is a minor miracle.  So basically, Campbell throwing for 200 yards is a possibility, but Merriman getting hurt is a near-certainty. Which is awful for Buffalo because there’s not much (or any) proven depth at linebacker on this team.

Q: If C.J. Spiller had a duel to the death with Darrius Heyward-Bey what weapon would he use and why?

A: There’s a joke here I just can’t seem to find. Some sort of gun with the word “bust” in it? Something about a stopwatch and 4.2 40 speed? Beating him to death with a bag full of hate mail from fans? Oh, here’s the joke: Spiller would just throw footballs and Heyward-Bey’s face until he died. It’s not like Heyward-Bey would be able to save himself by catching them. (To be fair, if Heyward-Bey was able to arrange to have a duel near a brick wall or bottomless pit of some kind, Spiller would probably run right into it and die.)

Q: More dangerous around knees: Stevie Johnson or Jeff Gillooly?

A: First off, I had forgotten who Gillooly was, and I appreciate you re-introducing him to my consciousness. I’m gonna go with Johnson. Do a Google image search on Gillooly. He just looks so sketchy most people will just avoid him altogether. Johnson is a charmer. He’ll sucker you in before destroying one of your joints.

Finally…the most important question of all…

Q: Fred Jackson: Start or Sit?

A: Start. Start. Start. At least I hope so, since he’s my flex this week. However, Chan Gailey’s refusal to give Jackson the ball inside the 5-yard line will drive any fantasy owners of his insane.

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