Leave it to Rick Reilly to Hate on Al Davis

This past week has been filled with plenty of heartfelt words being written and said about Al Davis. Of course we’re not living in a fantasy world where death overrides negative feelings. Whenever an individual as polarizing as Mr. Davis passes there’s going to be some mixed feelings out there.

After all, Al Davis didn’t get his spot on the Mt. Rushmore of football by making friends with everyone he met. That’s not to say at his core Mr. Davis was a bad human being. It’s just being real.

With all that said, in his death the overwhelming majority of football fans worldwide were able to appreciate Mr. Davis for his multitude of accomplishments choosing to overlook his shortcomings.

That is just about everyone except God’s gift to hating – Rick Reilly.

Between Colin Cowherd and Reilly ESPN has the dynamic duo of haters. Earlier in the week Cowherd dedicated a few moments of his precious airtime to give a very mixed review on the life of Mr. Davis. But leave it to Reilly to go one step further and dedicate an entire worthless column to remind the world of all the things that were wrong with Al Davis.

First things first. It is in Reilly’s cold reptilian blood to hate. He is a Broncos fan after all. Between his generally sour outlook on life and his rooting disinterest in all things Raider, it is a natural reaction to hate on a topic that has widely been getting positive feedback. Especially if that positive vibe is flowing in the direction of the East Bay.

Beyond Reilly’s inherit hater tendencies the dude is also just trying to get a little more attention. Much like his hater in crime, Cowherd, Reilly feeds off attention and gets it any way he can. By being one of the lone voices of dissension amid all the praise of Davis, Reilly assured he’d get a reaction.

Well, it worked cause here I am blogging about it.

Now I’m not one to say the Mr. Davis was perfect by any measure. He was a human being so by default he was flawed. I’m not even mad at Reilly for his reckless rant. To be honest I was laughing while reading it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Far be it for me to say Reilly is wrong to think the way he does.

My point is that why can’t we just appreciate someone for what they’ve accomplished? No doubt there are plenty of people out there at could dish some serious dirt on Reilly. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good writer. Not my cup of tea but to be clocking the type of coin he is that means plenty of other folks are drinking Reilly’s flavor of Haterade.

I guess what bothers me most is that even sworn enemies of Mr. Davis have put aside their differences. We’re talking about people who did business dealing with Davis too. Not just whiny reporters who didn’t like the way he answered a question in a press conference.

All I’m saying is that if a Chiefs blog can find the time to dedicate an entire post to thanking Al Davis then why can’t a pompous writer find a little room in his heart to do the same?

But that’s Reilly for you. God’s gift to hating.

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