Out of Bounds: 5 Quirky Questions for a Broncos Blogger

When we last spoke to Kim Constaninesco, editor of the net’s premiere Broncos’ blog Predominantly Orange, her Broncos had Tim Tebow buried on the depth chart, Carson Palmer wasn’t a Raider and at least two Kardashians were married. A lot has changed since the Monday Night opener in which the Raiders ran all over Mile High while the cries for Tebow were in their infancy.

Since then both teams have seen their seasons unfold in some unexpected ways. Eric Decker made Brandon Lloyd expendable for Denver. Jason Campbell’s collar bone made Carson Palmer suddenly affordable for Oakland.

Tomorrow these rivals meet again as both squads are looking to bounce back from humiliating defeats. Whereas the Raiders are in the thick of the AFC West race, the Broncos are on the outside looking in. An inspired effort tomorrow could get Denver into the mix but another loss will give them a few more chips in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

We reached out to Kim to get her feel on Denver’s season thus far and threw a few of our patented curveball questions her way. Enjoy!

Q: If you had to compare the first half of Denver’s season to a movie which flick would it be and why?

A: At this point, the Broncos most resemble Bill Murray from Groundhog Day. Each Sunday is a repeat of itself, losing game by game. The Broncos have not won two consecutive games since October of 2009. It’s a wake up and pour the coffee, throw on an orange/blue shirt, and turn on the Broncos kind of Sunday. The same thing is happening – the team is losing and hasn’t made a playoff appearance since 2005. The Broncos have been forced to re-examine their team and their priorities just like Murray re-examines his life. One could argue that like Murray, the Broncos have made suicide attempts (e.g. hiring Josh McDaniels, trading Jay Cutler) to test their durability. The Sunday’s play out exactly like they did before. The Broncos can’t run the ball, they can’t stop the run, converting on third downs doesn’t happen all while turnovers do all too frequently. Has the Groundhog seen his shadow yet because it’s a been a few long and cold seasons in Denver.

Q: Carson Palmer or Tim Tebow: Who is more likely to hit more Broncos between the numbers on Sunday?

A: Tebow is more likely to hit his receivers simply because he has worked with them longer than Palmer has worked with his. Palmer is the more accurate QB, but when under pressure in a game, I think chemistry and familiarity will win out. While this is just Tebow’s second start of the season, he’s been with the team since training camp, he’s in football shape, and he knows the playbook. Palmer doesn’t have those things going for him. Who knows. I may have just jinxed Tebow.

Q: Which is more likely to happen on Sunday: Jarvis Moss Tebowing at the 50-yard line or Champ Bailey doing the Dougie in the end zone?

A: Jarvis Moss is more likely to show Tebow his “Tebowing” skills. QBs don’t throw in Bailey’s direction too much. In fact, he doesn’t have any interceptions this season. While Moss hasn’t been spectacular, he would “Tebow” all over his former team if he got a sack on Sunday. Bailey would probably be more likely to do “the Bernie” anyway.

Q: If Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil were a wrestling tag team what they be called and what would be their signature move?

A: I like Dr. Doom and General Gloom. They would come out to something similar to the Undertaker’s music from the late 90s, and their signature move would be painting an orange and blue steak across the eyes of a down-and-out opponent before pinning him.

Finally…the most important question of all…

Q: Eric Decker: Start or Sit?

A: Sit him. The Broncos will likely be going with more screen passes than deep balls to Decker. While Decker is averaging over 50.0 receiving yards per game, he’s not as productive with Tebow as he was with Kyle Orton. Until there’s drastic improvement from Tebow and his progressions, keep Decker on the bench.

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