Newsflash: Raiders Paid Premium Price for Carson Palmer

On the eve of his first start as a Raider there are reports of what other reams were willing to pay for Carson Palmer.

As we all know, Hue Jackson pushed a healthy chuck of his chips to the middle of the table in order to pry Palmer away from Mike Brown and the Cincinnati Bengals. Oakland’s trade has the potential to be worth two first round picks if all goes according to Hue’s plan.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the next highest offer made for Palmer was a third round pick.

Not that we needed further confirmation of the high price paid for Palmer’s services but there it is.

No matter what you make of this there is nothing that explicitly states the Raiders overpaid. Yes, trading two top picks is an extreme value. But we’ll have to wait and see what comes of those draft choices before giving this deal an official grade. We’ll also have to wait and see how Palmer plays before deciding anything. Should Palmer become the key that unlocks the cabinet to another Lombardi then this deal will seem a real bargain.

Where the Raiders have potentially hurt themselves in all their dealings relates to the immediate future. As in the 2012 draft in which the Raiders have fewer picks than Andrew Luck has thrown. Unless this team trades back into round one we could also be talking about Oakland being without a top pick for three years running.

But that is all in a distant future.

Right here and now it is all about beating the Broncos then moving on to the Chargers. We’ll revisit this after the early reviews are in on Palmer.

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