Out of Bounds: 5 Quirky Questions for a Vikings Blogger

Whenever two teams going in much different directions get together the only safe bet is to expect the unexpected. When the Raiders and Vikings take the field tomorrow both will have much different goals in mind. Oakland has its sights set on winning the AFC West while the Vikings are trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t for the future. From where they were two years ago it would seem as if these two franchises have swapped places in the NFL hierarchy.

When it comes to the unexpected, JBB specializes in doing things differently to get our great readers ready for the game. As usual we reached out to the best Vikings blog on the net and threw our patented 5 quirky questions at one of the best writers on the net.

Dan Zinski of The Viking Age has been keeping Vikings fans worldwide in the loop on all things purple. His wicked sense of humor, sprinkled with some well placed sarcasm and all-around knowledge of the Minnesota Vikings made it an easy call when it came time to conduct our weekly questionnaire.


Q: If the Vikings’ season thus far were a movie which flick would it most resemble and why?

A: I think the last three years for the Vikes have sort of been like The Matrix Trilogy. 2009 was like the first Matrix…really awesome and exciting (even if we didn’t seal the deal with a Super Bowl). That created high expectations for 2010 with Brett Favre coming back, but like the second Matrix movie, that season proved a huge let down. After that disappointment we all hoped the team would be able to get their act together for the third installment. No such luck. Like the third Matrix, this season has been a complete unmitigated disaster. Unlike the third Matrix, I can’t just walk out.

Q: Adrian Peterson and Michael Bush combine for 4 TDs or Christian Ponder and Carson Palmer combine for 4 INTs: Which is more likely to happen Sunday?

A: Adrian Peterson and Michael Bush combine for 4 TDs. It’s not even close. Ponder only throws picks against the Packers and the Vikings never get interceptions against anyone. Carson Palmer could throw four passes right into the hands of Viking DBs and still escape the game with no picks. Here’s a telling stat: With Antoine Winfield now on IR, Jared Allen has as many interceptions (1) this season as all our active cornerbacks combined. And I honestly can’t remember the one pick cornerback Asher Allen got. It must’ve happened while I was totally hammered.

Q: Bigger mess in Minnesota: Brett Favre’s last season, Donovan McNabb’s first season or the new stadium?

A: This one is also not close. The stadium. Favre’s bad year only lasted part of the season and McNabb’s only lasted a few weeks. The stadium mess has been going on for years and only seems to be getting worse. Imagine a game of chicken between two eighteen wheelers being driven by slobbering crazy people. That’s the stadium situation. And the crazy people are Minnesota politicians. Well what do you expect from the state that gave us Jesse Ventura AND Michele Bachmann (sometimes I’m really glad to live in Wisconsin)? And then you have Vikings owner Zygi Wilf with his mad dream of turning a toxic waste dump (the site he wants to build on is literally filled with toxic waste) into a whole sprawling entertainment complex. It’s too bad Sinclair Lewis isn’t still around, speaking of Minnesota people. What a novel he could write about these bozos.

Q: If Leslie Frazier and Hue Jackson starred in a movie called NFL Horror Story which one would be alive when the credits roll?

A: Hue would definitely be the one to make it to the end. If I were a screenwriter I would kill Leslie Frazier off as quickly as possible. He is possibly the dullest person on the face of the earth. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he makes Tony Dungy look like Rex Ryan. Frazier actually makes me long for the days of Mike Tice and the near-nervous-breakdowns he would have during press conferences. If the team is going to suck I at least want it to suck entertainingly. My hope is that Frazier at some point stops being able to suppress whatever demons are haunting his soul and just loses it. There’s no possible way that guy can be that even-keeled unless he’s on powerful sedatives or is using all the force of his will to hold back the pain.

And finally…the most important question of all…

Q: Percy Harvin: Start or Sit?

A: This is a fantasy football question I assume? I hate fantasy football like Kardashians hate reading. My feeling as a non-fantasy football person is that Percy would be a bad risk. This far into the season I’ve lost faith that Bill Musgrave will figure out a way to get the ball to him. Then again he’s so talented he could just bust out. I wish I could give a better answer but, like I indicated, I would rather hit myself in the face with a brick than play fantasy football.

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