Chaz Schilens Should Ignore Warren Sapp

In the grand scheme of things nobody cares what Chaz Schilens thinks of Warren Sapp. Same can be said for what Fat Sapp thinks of the Raiders.

I appreciate Schilens taking Sapp to task for his continued Raider Hatred. But Schilens would be advised to simply walk away. Don’t give Sapp anymore attention. He’s like the loose chick in your neighborhood that is just waiting for you to make eye contact so she can continue her STD inspired mission.

Move on, Chaz. There is nothing to see here.

First things first. All that back fat has clearly begun to affect the blood flow to Sapp’s brain. He picked the Vikings to win on Sunday clearly showing the world how deep his Silver and Black jealousy goes. That alone is evidence enough that Sapp is as professional as Tiki Barber is thoughtful.

Schilens should just step back and give Sapp enough rope to hang himself.

Secondly, Sapp is known as an a**hole. That is not a secret. Guys that have played with and against Sapp will say as much. People that work with Sapp today will say the same.

So when it comes to Sapp’s opinion let’s just say opinion are like Sapps. Everybody’s got one.

Again, I’m never going to say it is a bad thing for a guy to stick up for his team. Clearly Schilens has a lot of pride and takes offense to anyone that insults said pride. But wasting time on Sapp is like waiting for Tim Tebow to become an accurate passer. Some things are just ignorant.

Stooping to Sapp’s level defines ignorant because it is exactly what he wants. Sapp is the guy that once he realizes he can’t beat you he goes to the insult card. He should grow up and grow a pair…if he could find them beneath all that belly fat.

So to Schilens all I can say is stay on the grind and let the results speak for themselves. Sapp, like all other Raider Haters, will run out of real estate soon enough. Just let him paint himself into a corner and the rest will work itself out.

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