Out Of Bounds: 5 Quirky Questions for a Chiefs Blogger

With so much riding on today’s game it seems only right that two of football’s best rivals would be meeting on Christmas Eve. One faithful-to-a-fault fan base will get a great gift under the tree while the other will have coal in their stocking. For the Chiefs it is all about respect. For the Raiders it is all about not seeing their playoff hopes get barbequed Kansas City style.

In keeping with our on going Out of Bounds Series we went back to the Arrowhead Addict well to tap our good friend Patrick Allen. As you’d expect Patrick and his fellow addicts are all fired up for today’s game. No doubt those Chief fans have been prepping their brisket for days.

Speaking of brisket, if Darren McFadden had been cooking brisket with all the time he’s been out the entire Oakland franchise would have BBQ sandwiches for the rest of the year.

But that is neither here nor there.

Right here are those five patented questions that aren’t always about the game but are always about something related to the game. As a vet of JBB’s questioning Patrick had some good answers locked and loaded. So without further adieu, here are five out of bounds questions for the Chiefs.

Q: If the 2011 season for the Kansas City Chiefs were a movie which flick would it resemble and why?

A: I would say that movie Funny People with Adam Sandler and Jonah Hill. There were some really good parts and it seemed to have a lot of potential but in the end it just wasn’t good enough.

Q: Bigger bane of Todd Haley: Injuries, attitude or the beard?

A: Injuries had to hurt him but it is definitely the attitude. If you are going to be a dick of a head coach then you have to be awesome at it and you have to win a lot. Take a guy like Tom Coughlin. His own players hate him. He is a jerk. But he won a Super Bowl. So that has kept him around. Otherwise his ass would be gone. If you are a decent coach, and I think Haley is a decent coach, and you are a heck of a nice guy, and you get hit with injuries, folks will feel bad for you. If you’re a dick, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt. 2010 AFC West Championship or not, Haley had too many questionable moves throughout his time in KC to not win this season.

Q: Romeo Crennel or Kyle Orton: Who is more likely to be in Kansas City one year from now?

A: Crennel. Even if Orton wins these next two games for KC, Pioli is going to have a tough time bringing him back. Cassel is already signed and if Orton plays well, there is likely going to be a team out there that will want him as a starter next year. In KC, he’ll have to fight for a starting job.

The only way I see him starting in KC next year is if the Chiefs manage to win the division and win a playoff game. Hell, if he wins a playoff game they’ll erect a statue of him in KC.

Q: Michael Bush runs for over 100 yards or Kyle Orton throws for over 300 yards: Which is more likely to happen Sunday?

A: Bush. The Chiefs struggle against balanced attacks. Their strength is in their pass defense. So much so that they can wreck a team that throws a lot but can’t run (like the Packers) but will struggle against a more balanced, albeit less spectacular team (like the Jets). I actually think the Chiefs are going to have a tough time with the Raiders because of that. They’re best hope is to get a lead quickly like they did in Oakland.

And finally…the most important question of them all…

Q: Better fantasy bet for next season: Jamaal Charles keeper or Jonathan Baldwin sleeper?

A: Oh man, that is tough. It is boom or bust, isn’t it? Baldwin isn’t likely to go nuts but he isn’t likely to get injured either. Charles isn’t injury prone per say but you know how much of a gamble running backs are. I think Baldwin is going to be pretty good but he is an ultra conservative move, especially if Bowe is re-signed.

Gotta be JC. The dude is sick when he’s on the field.

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