Hue Jackson’s Tirade Comes A Dollar Short And A Day Late

Hue Jackson didn’t shy away from expressing his disappointment in the Oakland Raiders after their lackluster loss to the San Diego Chargers. You rarely see a head coach stray from the script and start to name names and point fingers but Coach Jackson did just about that.

Whether or not you agree with his approach the emotion is real and his means of expressing that emotion was justified. The real problem is that sort of accountability and anger needed to be present before the game and not after it.

It is all too easy to blame Chuck Bresnahan. Rest assured his employment status will be changing in the near future so that will speak more loudly than Jackson’s diatribe.

It is also all too simple to simply look at injuries as the culprit for Oakland’s collapse. Of course the Raiders weren’t alone in that category as teams like the Houston Texans were without all of their top weapons at some point in time this year yet still made the playoffs. What is Oakland’s excuse in a weak AFC West?

No matter the circumstances the head coach will always be the one to assume the most blame. Coach Jackson can pass the buck all he wants. In the end this season’s failures are forever attached to his career coaching record.

Fair or unfair that is just life. When a Russian spy is found hiding in the United States the President gets the blame. When a major corporation’s books are being cooked by a creative accountant and an all too eager manager the CEO gets the blame. Contrary to that popular expression, sh*t rolls up hill.

Hue Jackson’s anger is completely justified. It just came at the wrong time.

Nobody wants to be the I-told-ya-so guy after the fact. These are the types that make more enemies than friends as they come across as more concerned with their appearance than the overall health of their co-workers. Coach Jackson had better be careful because he is walking that line.

Maybe Jackson’s flaw all along was assuming his veteran leaders would be more involved in righting the ship during a tumultuous season. Certainly Richard Seymour has to shoulder plenty of blame as well. His defense played terribly when the team needed them most.

Still, this is Jackson’s team. As the captain he is at the helm and goes down with the ship if it sinks.

This Raiders team went belly-up in the East Bay yesterday. Afterwards the captain sounded like a man that wanted to abandon. Some of what Jackson said rings true. Some of it is just plain anger and frustration. Some of it is unwarranted and unnecessary in public.

Fact of the matter is Coach Jackson is still working through the growing pains of being a first time head coach. He’s learned plenty of valuable lessons this season. Hopefully his final lesson will be to hold his team accountable before big games and not after.

There are plenty of problems to correct going forward and Coach Jackson is the man to get the job done. He just needs to be more proactive. The time to point fingers at Bresnahan was three weeks ago in Wisconsin. Doing it at the start of the New Year after the season has ended is just poor taste.

Hue’s anger was justified. However his tactics came a dollar short and a day late, at a time when nothing can be done. Coach Jackson will get it right. Hopefully he doesn’t loose his locker room in the process.

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