Wanted: Veteran Coach, Inquire Within

Well, well. Here we go again Raider Nation. We are about to hire our 15th coach in 10 years. Can you believe it? I was on Twitter earlier when the new broke of Hue Jackson’s firing. I was stunned that people were actually taken aback of the news. I mean, what did you expect? If you are hired as a Raider coach, you should just leave your belongings in boxes and just go buy more packaging tape. Hue did a great job this season till about week 11. We had the AFC West wrapped up and could not finish the job. Look at our last game for example. Everything that we needed to come to pass did! And what did we do. The same thing we did all season, let opportunity slip away into the holy land of Denver where the chosen one dwells. Now Hue Jackson is bounced out of Oakland in day one of the Reggie McKenzie era. Who will coach in Oakland for the next 10 months?

Honestly, I’m glad Mark Davis broke down and got a GM for the team. It was obvious that Mark was in way over his god forsaken haircut head. (I thought most millionaires had stylists, or at least mirrors!) I’m off subject! McKenzie was a Raider line backer in the day, that’s probably why Mark chose to hire him. Look at the Packers last drafts. The man knows talent! Let’s hope he knows how to play “franchise mode” on Madden with our team!

There are so many great coaching candidates with years of football experience for the Raiders to choose from. My Twitter family was throwing out Jon Gruden’s name like crazy yesterday. I would love to see “Chucky” back in Oakland but I don’t think that will ever happen. Remember, we traded him like he was a 3rd string corner back! How about defensive minded Brian Bellick or the energetic and positive Herm Edwards. Both defensive minded coaches with plenty of fire. Jeff Fisher is strolling through local malls right now buying warm pretzels. Or how about “The Chin”, Bill Cower. Ohhhhh. That would be awesome! He would definitely help are NFL record setting worst 158 penalties last season for over 1,000 yards. Could you imagine getting a false start penalty, getting pulled, and then having to pass by the chin as you sit on the bench?

Back to reality! We are talking about the Oakland Raiders. McKenzie, more then likely, will bring in one of his boys from the land of cheese like Winston Moss. I hope he can find some disciplinarians and some defensive geniuses to fill our sidelines with. I’m tired of being the bride’s maid; I want to be a bride!!! That came out wrong!

Go Nation!

Greg Simon
JBB Staff Writer

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