New Coach, New Team?

Even though Reggie McKenzie is still struggling to try and conjugate a verb, our new head coach, Dennis Allen said all the right things during his press conference. Raider Reg, all sentences do not usually start with “guys”.

Dennis Allen, the 18th head coach for the Oakland Raiders, is ready to take the helm. Dennis seems a humble but also a no nonsense type of coach. The first 5 minutes of his press conference was him thanking everyone in his life. Coach Allen says he wasn’t to bring back the passion and pride of the Raiders like the past. (So did the last 7 coaches.) I guess we will see.

Coach Allen said the 2012 Raiders will be a “smart, tough, disciplined team”. He also stated that the “Priority of 2112 Raiders is to win a championship.” I sure hope it is. I would have been incensed if he said, “The goal of the 2012 Raiders is to be mediocre like your mother in laws attempt at meat loaf”.

The reporters began to ask questions and of course the main question I wanted to hear answered was how we are going to fix our tainted love affair with the Sunday zebras and their yellow handkerchiefs. Allen said its all starts with “consistency in practice, changing habits, and discipline at practice”. I like what I’m hearing from number 18. It makes me think that Hue Jackson must have had a keg of beer, a D.J., and strippers at every practice last year.

Allen said our offensive will be up-tempo and fast. Allen also said out defense will be an aggressive attacking defense. Allen declared that we have all the pieces on offense and defense to win. “You can’t win games on talent alone.” That statement stuck with me for a while. We have plenty of celebrated talent on out roster but we do not have a celebrated team.

Allen is a Super Bowl pedigree under Saints coach Sean Payton. Allen coached the Saints DB’s in 2006 to a story book type Super Bowl win. Allen was asked if he was going to run the defense at which he replied, “I don’t think anyone can head coach and call plays effectively”. That means who ever the Raiders sign to run our defense will be running the show for the most part.

All in all, this was just another annual Raider news conference. I’m kind of getting used to this yearly benefit of being a member of the Raider Nation. It’s kind of like speed dating the who’s who in the NFL. We won’t know if Coach Allen was a good pick up for the Raiders until we see the fruits of his labors. I hope he builds a winning foundation that the Raider Nation can adore for years to come.

“This is a new day in Oakland Raider football.” ~Dennis Allen

Go Nation!

Greg Simon
JBB Staff Writer

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