Kyle Boller Ruined Terrelle Pryor’s NFL Debut

Terrelle Pryor’s NFL future is mystery. The nature in which he entered the league put his career at the crossroads before it even began. There are plenty of questions to be answered. Is he Tim Tebow with talent or will he become the Vince Young of his generation? Will Pryor become the next Hines Ward or will he fall into the Brad Smith category? The latter, of course, would require a position change. But that might not even be in the cards.

According to Pryor himself, in an interview he gave back in his native Pennsylvania over the weekend, his days as a QB are here to stay. In fact, as far as he’s concerned the questions of his possible position switch are as non-existent as the San Diego Chargers Lombardi trophies.

“That’s not even a question. I’m still working to become the best quarterback.”

As far as Raider Nation is concerned Pryor couldn’t have been any worse a QB than Kyle Boller last year. Ironically it was Boller’s embarrassing start last season that shut the door on what would have been Pryor’s coming out party.

Raider fans might remember the only snap Pryor took as a rookie last season. It was a third and short situation against the Chiefs in which Pryor lined up wide, slid under center for what was supposed to be a QB sneak until the play was whistled dead before the snap.

According to Pryor that plays was only a small sample of what was to come that ill-fated afternoon.

“I had a whole package for that game. I was going to make a bunch of throws, but we ended up getting smashed and I was yanked. Who knows where it would have gone? I’m confident I would have been successful during that time. We were down, 21-0, and we didn’t run any plays.”

As it turns out Boller might have changed the fate of two quarterbacks with one wretched half of football. Pryor’s grand unveiling was shelved, never to be seen again while Carson Palmer’s debut was pushed up, forced into a turnover party that gifted an all-too-easy win to Kansas City.

For all we know Pryor could have become the silver and black answer to Jets current backup QB. Chances are a few gimmick plays weren’t going to change the tide of the season for the Raiders. I’m guessing that no matter how well Boller, Palmer or any man could have played under center last season it wouldn’t have mattered with the Raiders D being demolished each week.

But that is all in the past. Boller is no longer a Raider and likely out of the league. Pryor, meanwhile, is still learning to play the position at the professional level with hopes of being more than a NFL novelty. He’s been working out with Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford and Taiwan Jones while mixing in plenty of game tape to prepare for the upcoming season.

While the Raiders are still in the market for a backup for Palmer there is no reason to think they’ve already closed the book on Pryor. If what Terrelle says is true then every man on the roster will have to prove himself to new coach Dennis Allen.

“The new staff told us that all positions are open, so you have to battle for the position you want. There is going to be some good competition. Once you get the position, you have to keep fighting for it.

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