Jared Veldheer Rated Fifth Best O-Lineman in AFC West

Rankings mean next to nothing in the grand scheme of things. Made more for the benefit of bar room and barbershop talk, most rankings are just an excuse to get a conversation started. All that being said ESPN’s Bill Williamson ranked the top offensive linemen in the AFC West and he’s got Oakland’s own Jared Veldheer#5 on the list.

What is most interesting is that Williamson has Veldeheer as the second best left tackle in the division behind only Denver’s Ryan Clady based largely on the larger- than-life tackle’s massive potential.

It goes without saying that Veldheer has quietly morphed into one of the best and most durable young linemen in the game. He’s flown under the radar on the national scale but Veldheer’s performance hasn’t been lost on Raider Nation. Not after suffering through the Robert Gallery/Kwame Harris/Mario Henderson years.

What is truly telling of Veldheer’s value is how seamlessly he went from tackle to center and back to tackle again. Not sure how many rookies could have gone through the culture shock Veldheer did when the Raiders tried to play him out of position for his first taste of the NFL.

Again, these types of ranking mean nothing. It’s one person’s opinion and it’s a topic you won’t get a ton of discussion out of anyway. Can’t tell you the last time I was a bar polishing off a cold IPA when a fight broke out over who the second best lineman is in the AFC West. None the less it is nice to know Veldheer is slowly getting his due.

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