Apr 22, 2009; New York, NY, USA; ESPN commentator Chris Berman during the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN Confirms Our Worst Fears

At first it was just a rumor. Now the sum of all fears has been realized.

ESPN confirmed today that Chris Berman will indeed be calling the Raiders-Chargers Monday Night opener this season. Let’s all plan on keeping a vomit bag handy.

As if Berman’s tired routine wasn’t already more played than predicting the Chargers to win a Super Bowl now he’s officially jumped the shark by crawling into the broadcast booth.

Of course JBB already knew this was going to happen. We gave you a brief recap of some of the low-lights of Berman’s play-by-play debut thanks to our friend Doc Brown. Still, this news is sitting worse with Raider Nation than a blooming onion in the stomach of an Olympic gymnast.

The NFL has to be happy with this decision though. No doubt the fear of having to listen to Berman call a Raider game will force fans to flock to the sure-to-be sold out Coliseum. The no blackout streak continues with a little help from the Raider haters at ESPN.

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  • Gregor John

    Grow up and get over it. He single handedly made ESPN. These hateful articles beclown you and make you look like a writer for a 7th grade newspaper.

  • Chris Shellcroft

     @Gregor John I fully realize how important Berman is to ESPN but you’re really over selling it. He put up none of his capital to build the company, makes zero decisions with regards to programming and certainly doesn’t develop, write, produce or direct any of the shows on the network. It’s people like you that can’t separate the face of the franchise from the franchise itself that overly inflate the already massive ego of blowhards like Berman. Ronald McDonald is no more responsible for McDonald’s being a global brand than Berman is for ESPN being the mega sports conglomerate it is.

  • AlsWingman

    just turn the sound down and play music.  who the hell sits there and listens to an asshat like chris berman?  You make it sound like you are obligated to suffer.

  • Chris Shellcroft

     @AlsWingman Fair enough. Guys like me just enjoy all the sounds of the game on the field too much. I’m in no way obligated, you’re right, but you can’t help but feel like ESPN stuck Berman on the Raider game for some very specific reasons…
    Side note: Love your writing! Keep up the good work.

  • Gregor John

     @Chris Shellcroft How old are you Chris?  I was there when ESPN started.  I watched it from the first day, and it WAS Chris Berman.  Everyone knew him as the face of the network, and it was Berman who drew in the fans.  You can argue about it all you want and rewrite history, but it’s simply a fact.  People loved him. 
    Now that every single employee of ESPN and most other networks attempt to copy him, is evidence enough of his impact.  Yes, to younger people who have never known anything different than the over-the-top sports reporter, Chris Berman is probably annoying, but only because he’s been copied into the abyss.
    My question is this …
    Why do you write an entire article bashing this person, let alone TWO articles on the same subject?  Are you purposely trying to be controversial?  Do you think it makes you look somehow more important or talented?  It reminds me of a playground bully who mocks and ridicules an honor-roll student because he feels inferior, and he feels by humiliating the more successful kid in public, he’ll somehow fool others into thinking he’s better.
    If you hate him THAT much, simply don’t watch the game.  Honestly, I’m embarrassed to have you representing Raider Nation.  Chris Berman is a Hall of Fame broadcaster.  What have you accomplished? 

  • Chris Shellcroft

     @Gregor John OK…so by “there when ESPN started” you mean you worked for the company? Doubt it.
    Berman might well be a Hall of Famer but he’s not my cup of tea.
    You see, I grew up listening to Chick Hearn and Vin Scully, broadcasters who cared more about giving the fans a vivid picture of the game then they did injecting their egos into the product. That’s just me tho. He’s not my style.
    Again, I’d encourage you to re-read what I wrote in my first response. No doubt Berman was/is an important figure to ESPN. But you know nothing of the business of television to think he alone built ESPN. That is just an insane overreaction. Berman, Dick Vitale, Dan Patrick, etc. Each of those men helped give ESPN a face. It’s the men whose names you’ll never know that made ESPN what it is. Put it this way. Who had a bigger hand in making the Raiders what they are: Al Davis or John Madden?

  • Gregor John

     @Chris Shellcroft Errrr … no.  I didn’t say I worked for the company.  I was there, as in, watching the beginning of a new network from day one, from the very first broadcast.
    Our difference of opinion on whether or not  Chris Berman was instrumental to the success of ESPN is really meaningless.  The mystery is … why does it matter, and why are you spending your time writing entire articles attacking him?  I stand by my last comment.  No matter how much you as an individual hate him, and trash him, you’ll never come remotely close to his success, and I think that’s what burns you up the most.
    As for your last question … I understand where you’re going with that, but to make the comparison more accurate, you would have to go all the way and argue that it was Al Davis who created Madden’s success, and … that John Madden was the worst coach in the history of the game.  See how absurd that is?  That’s basically what you’re saying.  You’re suggesting that Chris Berman is the worst broadcaster in the history of the world, but somehow, with the work of people behind the curtain, millions of people magically loved him anyway and tuned in to watch every single day, making ESPN one of the most successful networks in history, and along the way, taking that pathetic no good lousy annoying broadcaster to the Hall of Fame along with it.
    Makes sense to me.
    Was John Madden the greatest coach of all time?  We’ll never know, but he definitely didn’t suck, and neither does Berman.  People who suck and who are pathetic at their job do not survive at it for decades, and most definitely don’t go on to have Hall of Fame careers.
    You’re welcome to reply, but I don’t have time for this.  I’m going to get back to my life.  I’d suggest you stop spending your time insulting one of the most successful sports broadcasters of all time, and attempt to write stories about the Raiders themselves.
    By the way …
    Would you believe there was once a writer for my home town newspaper named Peter Anderson, who wrote that ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ was the worst movie ever made?
    Yeah.  People have opinions, and when you find that your opinion is obviously on the opposite side of history, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to stand in the middle of the street and tell everyone else they’re all idiots.  You hate him, while millions love him.  Get over it and watch the game.  Or don’t.

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  • kahuna


  • kahuna

    Chris berman sucks, don’t listen to him shellcroft. Bermans voice is so frigin annoying I will mute my tv, And turn up greg papa.