The Richard Seymour Era In Oakland Ends In 2012

It’s not a part of the Mayan Apocalypse…or is it? No need to call Coppola because it’s not Apocalypse Now. But this is the end of the Richard Seymour era in Oakland and no matter what he does or doesn’t do as an individual is irrelevant.

Pro Bowl. All-Pro. All-Galaxy.


What the Oakland Raiders, as a team, accomplish in 2012 is what will define everything the short-lived Seymour era has been.

Make no mistake. After 2012 the clock strikes midnight for Seymour in silver and black.

It’s over.

Game. Set. Match.


Unless we’re talking a serious reduction in pay for 2013; Reggie McKenzie said “out of whack contracts”…plural.

Remember the price paid for Seymour was considered obscene. So what does that make the arm and leg levied for Carson Palmer?

I’m sorry, two seasons of 8-8 ball isn’t going to justify the mega-millions tickets (plural) Seymour has cashed in Cali. Both Al Davis and Hue Jackson have overpaid in some way no matter how you slice it.

Either way, McKenzie is trimming the fat and Seymour’s contract is too-phat for a middle of the road football team.

Yes, there is no way the Oakland ship gets back to North-South without first going East-West. It is no coincidence that since Seymour’s arrival the team has stopped spinning like a compass stuck between opposing magnets. This team needed a rock to steady it, get back on track moving in a consistent and positive direction. It’s just that you can’t justify big deals for Happy Meals. At some point you’re going to want a steak if you’re spending steak money.

Raider Nation is hungry.

So too is Seymour.

There’s not doubt he wants nothing more than to prove to Bellicheat that he can get a ring without the media-proclaimed genius as his coach. Seymour’s Raider legacy could be defined in the most poetic Raider fashion if he gets this team to the next step. His Hall of Fame career punctuated by getting the Silver and Black back to the land of Lombardi.

OK…maybe’s it’s too much to talk title.

But for me, if Seymour led the Raiders back to the playoffs, and by chance, made a play in a game that notched a victory over the Pats. I’d almost…almost consider forgetting that game in the snow of which we do not speak. It would be revenge served Raider style. Of course the only way to make it sweet revenge would be to put a Lombardi-flavored cherry on top. But there I go talking title again.

No way the Seymour era in Oakland ends in a Super Bowl victory, right?

But there I go again talking like the Seymour era in Oakland is over after 2012…because it is.

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  • GeneY63

    This is too much crystal balling. Saying that it doesn’t matter how well he plays or how well the team does,Seymore is gone, is irrational. The things that will matter are how well he plays, how well the defensive front plays, what his market value is after the season, how much he enjoys the new defensive scheme , the new coaches and changes, and how much the raiders are willing to pay. You can’t talk about an “out of whack contract” for 2013 because we don’t know what that contract is or who else is available to fit that spot and at what price. Before prognostcating about Seymore being gone give some more in depth analysis such as who could be obtained to replace him and at what price (i.e. free agent DT/DE likely available in 2013 their price tag age and performance.) My guess is Reggie will offer Seymore market value unless there is a better option and Seymore will stay unless someone pays over market value and Seymore thinks it’s a better option.

  • JamesGWalker

    more whining about the tuck rule game and the pats. you do have a point,  it was the worst call made in the playoffs since the roughing the passer call against sugar bear hamilton handed that game to the raiders. seymore has produced nothing since being traded which would justify the money spent but he will not accecpt “market value”. unless they show him the money he will be gone.

  • unclealfie

    Bellicheat; how original. Did you think of that yourself?

  • LeftcoastLongboards

    One thing you can bank on, Reggie McKenzie will NEVER overpay.  Too frugal and he knows there are always bargains to be had, with that said, bargain the Seymour will never be in the same sentence.  Very good player still, but he’s getting every bit of TWICE what he’s worth.  Same for YOU Tommy Kelly.

  • LeftcoastLongboards

    One thing you can bank on, Reggie McKenzie will NEVER overpay.  Too frugal and he knows there are always bargains to be had, with that said, bargain the Seymour will never be in the same sentence.  Very good player still, but he’s getting every bit of TWICE what he’s worth.  Same for YOU Tommy Kelly.

  • AdamMcRae

    yeah it does in with a super bowl.

  • AdamMcRae

    yeah it does end with a super bowl.

  • martienz68

    The D-line didn’t play as well as they could for the money they get so get to playing or get out you are a pro so play like a pro. there are players out there that we play for half the money and do a better job as well ….these players get the big money then play like shit and if you are not a 100% get off the field let some one that’s  100% play

  • jcb6427

    Maybe if they play him at his Natural” playing position (i.e. RDE in a 3-4 defense) he will really shine. Our D-line’s main problem was spelled “Bresnahan”. Seymour will be back next year even if it means redoing his contract. Proven veterans like Palmer, Seymour, Kelly, etc. know that renegotiating of ones contract is just part of the game. Its only jerk-offs like Wimbley who don’t see anything but the money. Wimbley was CRAP and Reggie was just putting out the garbage. Seymour is a real pro and Reggie knows the value of having a stabilizing veteran force in the locker room. Seymour will return. Write that down.

  • orlandomunoz692012

    theres no doubt we have the talent on bothsides, its the scheme of things. we been play’n old style football 4 yrs. every team & there momma knows how the dfence is more man2man. there hasnt been a change n how we play the game 4 about 3decades now. We were so predictable,no dissapplen,we beat ourseles n penalties.The talent weve always had , jus no structure, no foundation.U gotta hav unity,love &respect4 ur squad.This iz ur family now,siple fundamentles fellas. U’d b surprissed at wat commrodery, love & admiration will bring. Know were gonna. U’ll c, as long as we keep those flags off the field, we’ll keep the points add’n up the board. I’M NOT WRONG, WE BEAT OURSELVES EVERY TIME WE LOOSE. Check the film baby.

  • TimDurante

    @orlandomunoz692012 Yes couldnt have said it better myself, i been saying that forever. Although noone else in the NFL will acknoledge it.

  • TimDurante

    I though Seymour restructured his contract? let me know if im wrong.

  • TimDurante


  • TimDurante

    @unclealfie Everyone knows about Bellicheat. No superbowls or dominating playoff appearances since!

  • TimDurante

    @GeneY63 i agree. good points

  • unclealfie

     @TimDurante  @unclealfie
    Now everyone knows that you’re an idiot. The Pats won three SBs in a five year span between 2001-2005.
    Spygate happened in September of 2007, you moron.
    But, don’t let facts get in the way of your mindless hating. That’s what’s expected of a raiders fan.

  • orlandomunoz692012

    dis goes out to boy genius who left me dat note. i wuz refer’n 2 tha team asa whole.but u wanna bring up tha 2001 bowl.every1 now’z ur boy brady fummbled dat ball. m talk’n Woodson baby.tha world seen tha film over&over lets not bring up nonsence anymore.So dont hold ur breath dis yr, xpect’n more favorable bulls#%t callz. takecare. moron.RAIDERS OUT BABY.

  • LeftcoastLongboards

     @unclealfie Hey there Hateriot fan, even Stevie Wonder knows the tuck rule was the suck ruile and worst example of NFL officiating in most of our lifetimes, with that said, just because Spygate was BUSTED in 2007, doesn’t mean it hadn’t been occurring long before, you know, like from Billecheat’s first day on the job UNTIL his ex assistant blew the whistle.  That’s like saying a car thief who got busted never jacked another car beforehand.  You sir resemble the under informed or denying in this instance, so please refrain from referring to my fellow Raider fan brothers with such attempted insults and good day to you.

  • Nick

    You fucking douchebag how dare you speak ill of king richard! Your mother is the leader of the whores and god fucks her in her ass.

  • $$man

    Yes, Richard needs to go along with Carson Palmer, DVD and DHB. They all suck and will hold this team back as long as they are on the roster.