We Need Not Worry About the Chiefs

I recently wrote an article predicting whom I thought would represent the AFC West in the playoffs this coming year (unfortunately, it’s the Chargers), but surprisingly to me, it wasn’t that prediction, nor the prediction that Manning would have struggles, but that the Chiefs suck that angered most. This was shocking to me, because I didn’t even realize that this was a debate. The Chiefs do suck.

So, I am going to write a few more points why the Chiefs will be in the basement of the AFC West for the second straight year (remember folks, they finished last in the West last year), and, why we need not worry about the Chiefs.

Most teams build year to year, and one can usually see progress coming as gradual steps in improvement are taken step by step. This logic would mean that the team likely to win the West this year will be one that showed signs of optimism last year. Well Chiefs fans, that’s where your aspirations die out. Allow me to show you:

In 2011, the Chiefs were a dismal, dismal team. Their offense sucked almost as much as it blew. Here are some stats for you:

-The team ranked #27 in total yards per game. 27th! They averaged 311 yards an outing. And guess what the Tebow led Broncos averaged? You guessed it: more (317). Needless to say the Raiders quite handedly out gained the Chiefs per session (380), so did the Chargers (393), and when the Chiefs are compared to the elite – the Saints averaged 467 per game.

-The Matt Cassel led “aerial attack” ranked 25th in the league. Here is a list of the QB’s Matt out threw (brace yourself, it’s not very impressive): Curtis Painter, Christian Ponder, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and the pretty box in Jax.

-The Chiefs were in the 75th percentile of interceptions thrown during the year at 18. Bravo, Matt. Bravo!

-Matt threw five more balls to the other team than he threw to his team in the painted area at the end of the field.

-The Chiefs were in the middle of the pack when it came to sacks last year as M. Cassel was sacked 34 times on the season.

-A couple of highlights from the year: losses to Miami (who was dreadful during the year), AT HOME might I add – 31 to 3. The team also lost to the Bills at home 41 to 7, and to the Patriots 34 to 3.

-The Chiefs averaged 13 points per game. Ha! You can’t even win a baseball game with that! And, 13 points reflects not only the average per game for the entire season, but it too was the average the team scored when Romeo coached in those three games at the end of the season. What makes you think the same won’t happen next year?

Ok, say Chief fans… “our offense sucks, but our defense is stellar.” To them I say, hardly not. Their defense ranked #11 last year in both yards allowed per game and points allowed per game. #11. Don’t get me wrong, that’s good. But great? Hardly. Especially if they are counting on that to carry that dismal offense.

So now I hear Chief fans clamoring to the fact that they were in the playoffs only two seasons ago. Their once-in-a-blue-moon trip to the postseason in 2010 apparently has led these fans to delusional ideas. But, let’s talk a little bit about that 2010 team. For starters, that team lucked out BIG time as the Chargers stumbled early in one of their trademark slow starts that year. The Bolts got hot late, but were unable to catch up with the Chiefs (missed ‘em by 1 game). But I tell you this, had those two teams met at the end of the year for the right to represent the West, we would not have seen those awful red paints in the post season.

So in 2010 the Chiefs finished 10-6 and went to the playoffs. But here are some interesting stats people forget:

-4 of their 10 wins were by 7 points or less. One missed field goal here, or a penalty there, and the Chiefs would have missed the playoffs.

-The Chiefs enjoyed a VERY, VERY favorable schedule that year as in 2009 they finished (once again) dead last in the AFC West. That meant that they had the easiest strength of schedule in the division in 2010.

-The Chiefs offense has been pretty bad for quite some time. In 2010 they scored 10 points or less 7 times. I tell you what, are they playing football or cricket over there in KC?

-Finally, when the team unrightfully  made the playoffs that year, they got DESTROYED by the Ravens (30 to 7). It was clear they didn’t belong there.


Alright so now I have discussed the team and their recent history. Pretty solid argument if I do say so myself, with plenty of reasons to not believe in KC in 2012. If those aren’t enough though, let’s discuss a few of the broken pieces of the KC puzzle:

The GM – Scott Pioli

What has this guy done? Many Chiefs fan will say he just orchestrated the greatest off season in KC history, but time will tell on that one. Plus, I didn’t see too many teams running to give Kevin Boss or the overly priced Stanford Routt a contract (that’s why the Raiders got rid of them).

Ok, so what has this guy done? Well, he was part of a dynasty in Boston (a dynasty built off of cheating, video taping, and terrible tuck rule calls, but that’s for another day). What has he done since? Not much. And, I would even go so far to ask, what did he really do in New England? Matt Cassel, who is mediocre, has proved one thing in New England – plug in pretty much anyone, and the ship still runs smoothly. Couldn’t the same be true here for what Pioli did in New England? Just saying.

After coming to KC, Pioli’s first move was hiring a head coach. He, himself, chose Todd Haley. And, Chiefs and Raider fans can come together on this one and all agree that that was a terrible hire. Who is to say he hasn’t screwed up again with Romeo? And while we are on this Romeo subject, have Chiefs fans forgot that there were a lot of rumors swirling around late last year that Chiefs were trying to get Josh McDaniels. That didn’t work out, and perhaps the Chiefs were bummed out and had to settle with Romeo. Just saying, but the Chiefs may have gotten their backup choice as head coach.

One last thing on Pioli, he is a slime ball. He is Belicheat reincarnated in the front office. Look how he treated Haley! We’ll never know the whole story there, but Pioli did some messed up things (just google why Haley grew out a beard during the year).


The Coach

A lot has been said by me about Romeo, so I won’t go too in depth here. I’ll just go over the highlights: he wasn’t the Chiefs first choice, his coaching record sucks, and the offense they ran under his reign as HC last year averaged 13 points per game.


The Quarterback

Matt Cassel didn’t even start in college, and there are what, 200 colleges to play for? What makes you think he’s really good enough to be a quality starter for one of the 32 teams in the NFL?

Finally, do you think the Chiefs could be “cursed?” Let’s consider this:

-Have lost an NFL worst 7 straight post season games

-Haven’t won a Championship in over 40 years

-Wear ugly red pants

-Play in the mid-west.


Alright, those are my points. The conclusion here is of course, we need not worry about the Chiefs.


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