Steve Wisniewski Made Up His Mind Weeks Ago

Turns out the only people surprised by Steve Wisniewski’s not-so-sudden departure were everyone outside of the Raiders organization. CSN Bay Area confirms that Wisniewski had informed the team and most of the players he coached of his decision to step down weeks ago. All that remained was for the right time to roll around in order to get all of the coaches in one room to make the move formal.

That moment came earlier this week as the team prepared to head to Napa for camp. Soon afterward word spread throughout the media but by then it was old news to the Raiders.

Paul Gutierrez quotes Khalif Barnes who was informed of Wisniewski’s decision via text message.

“Yeah, I know, he texted me a couple of weeks ago, he texted me and I was surprised to hear it. Wiz, I know he was special to me. When he first came in, he gave me some of his 13 years of experience and knowledge, and how it was to be in the trenches, and I don’t think anyone did it better than him when he was with the Raiders.”

Lost in all of this could be the sudden conclusion to what looked like a solid coaching career for Wiz. Though he had only been a in the coaching arena for a few years Wisniewski was heralded as a rising star in the ranks. His experience as player surely endeared him to the men he coached while his peers and nothing but praise for his approach.

None the less, you can’t fault a man that chooses to put his family first. That report might have seemed like a smokescreen at first but given what we know now it’s clear that there was no added drama in an out-of-the-blue bit of news.

Just goes to show you that even during the more transparent Reggie McKenzie regime some things are still kept in house until the right moment arrives. Though Wisniewski’s departure came as a shock to most of us due to its proximity to the start of camp it turns out the timing was intentional and planned out. Such careful thought is a good indication of how this new era of Raider football will be orchestrated. Even if it’s news of the surprising variety, the handling of the Wisniewski situation gives McKenzie and company the benefit of the doubt for future happenings.

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