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Carson Palmer Should Be Concerned

Hey, I get it. It’s the preseason. Nothing is ever as it truly seems this time of year. As fans we’ve all got our football beer goggles on. This is the time of year when strobe light QBs like Brady Quin look like Hall of Famers only to be exposed as dogs once the curtain goes up on the real show.

I know this and as a veteran so too does Carson Palmer. His preseason performance hasn’t even been on par with Matt Leinart’s. But let’s not compare. Again, this time of year it’s all too easy to fall for the wrong QB. So CP3 saying the Raiders offensive belly flop in the preseason is “not concerning” isn’t headline material by any means.

Palmer is a been-there-done-that vet who knows better than to start thinking of breaking the glass on the panic button. It’s all part of the process and once again the Raiders are going through the process.

New coach. New staff. New offense. Hell…new everything this time around.

So I’m willing to give this situation the benefit of the doubt…for now.

To me Palmer does have reason for concern though. He might have his one last shot at being a fulltime starter in this league this season. Might not seem like it but check the surrounding s and you’ll see warning signs.

Hue Jackson got desperate when he was caught with his Jason Campbell’s down exposing his Boller. The panic button was pushed and Palmer was pulled off his couch. It’s not like teams were beating down the door to get Carson out of semi-retirement either and there were plenty of teams that need a competent QB.

Palmer was supposed to keep the silver and black train on the tracks for the playoffs. Darren McFadden’s foot pretty much derailed those plans and all Palmer did was help to toss dynamite on the wreckage.

Reggie McKenzie arrived putting scholarship players on notice that the handout days are over. He’s not going to keep paying top dollar for a bottom or even middle shelf product.

Simply put, this could be Palmer’s last and best chance to be a starting QB in the NFL. At least the fulltime variety. If he can’t keep the ball out of the defenses’ hands then he can’t be trusted with the keys to a team with title aspirations. He’s in the end days of his career and those guys end up toiling around in their latter years keeping the seat warm for the future of the franchise QB. And these days the rookies are expected to start from day one unlike Palmer who sat and learned.

So Palmer might not be concerned about the offense. And that’s fine. For now we’ll take the wait and see approach as injuries and a learning curve are still in play. But for the sake of his career Palmer had better be worried that if he can’t cleanup his turnover act that he’ll be turning over another new leaf with another new franchise next year.

As I said, McKenzie isn’t about to pay a million per interception, he can get that kind of production at more than half the price of a Palmer. The offense might not be of concern to Palmer but his future employment prospects had better be high on his list. If he can’t shake off the preseason rust then his contract will be burnt to dust by McKenzie. That’s got to cause some concern for Palmer I’d imagine.

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