Stefen Wisniewski No Lock For Center Job

Stefen Wisniewski was drafted to be Oakland’s starting center for the foreseeable future. He spent his rookie year learning the pro game while playing guard making some occasional cameos at center. This offseason the Raiders allowed their starting center Samson Satele to walk so that Wisniewski could slide into his natural position thus beginning his pro career anew in year two.

One slight problem though.

Wisniewski injured his calf in the first preseason game allowing former practice squad member Alex Parsons an opportunity to play. Not only did Parsons play his way onto the active roster but he’s now threatening to potentially push Wisniewski back to guard.

Just because Wisniewski retuned as a full participate in practice this week doesn’t mean the center job has his name written on it. Quite the opposite in fact if you believe offensive coordinator Greg Knapp.

 “They will both be up for the game to help us inside. We’re going to evaluate them during the week how practice is going to decide who’s the starting center, per se, and the other one will be the backup guard/center rotation guy.”

Should anything be read into Oakland’s handling of Wisniewski? Perhaps not.

This could all just be part of Dennis Allen’s plan to keep it competitive while following Reggie McKenzie’s no-scholarships policy. Then again, maybe Parsons has been playing well enough for the Raiders to consider giving him the gig for good. Time will tell. About all that really matters is that Allen and his staff are opting to go with the best combination of players possible regardless of draft status, contractual obligation or future expectations.

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  • Lurch

    Does this have anything to do with why Steve wiz left his coaching gig?

  • http://www.facebook.com/flowride Mike Floros

    I call BS. Greg Knapp is a moron and any Raider fan worth his weight in peanuts knows this! He was relieved of his duties in the Al Davis era because he had that god-awful ZBS and horizontal passing game. If Monday night was any indication, not much as changed.

    Big Wiz likely left because he couldn’t stand the stupidity of the weak ZBS and the departure from the power run game. Now, Lil’ Wiz is supposed to back up a former practice squad guy…are you freaking kidding me?!? The guy BELONGS at C. Give him his position back-HE IS NOT A BACKUP!

    Oh yeah, and rookie HC or not, how do you NOT have a plan for every player on that field if they go down? DA obviously had pure $#!T in regard to preparation if the long snapper went down. No, I don’t blame Goethel, although it would have been nice to see him practicing the snap a bit more after he muffed the first one. I BLAME DENNIS ALLEN.
    Furthermore, any Raider fan has legitimate concerns at this point, because we are shaky at multiple positions and have NO DEPTH, thanks to ridiculous trades. We’re hurting at CB, OL, and WR. So tell me, Reggie McKenzie, how does it feel to have traded away Louis Murphy, Bruce Campbell, and DVD NOW? They were costing us nothing, were in developmental stages of their careers, and you let them go for NOTHING! Late round draft picks…REALLY? “The no scholarships” attitude that is being carried around like a chip on his shoulder is hurting the team. I don’t think any of those cats were “on scholarship.” That distinction belongs to the starting corners Reggie cut.
    Better keep Al Saunders and his playbook close. If not, another long season awaits Raider Nation.