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Greg Knapp Is No Hue Jackson

Greg Knapp is no Hue Jackson. Not by a longshot. Jackson turned Oakland’s inept offense into a budding juggernaut. Knapp has taken that same sleeping giant and given it Valium.

Why we expected anything different from Knapp’s return to the Raiders is beyond me. Chalk that up to a combination of offseason excitement and pure boredom. Just because dude was calling plays for an offense in Houston that featured an elite level running back and receiver plus a capable QB doesn’t mean he was some kind of offensive wiz. Last time around Tom Cable replaced Knapp as Oakland’s play caller and things improved. That about says it all.

There are Korean soap operas that are more exciting to watch than Knapp’s offense. His play calling is as creative as Kim Kardashian and as predictable as the outcome of a Jennifer Lopez marriage.

Now I fully realize that Jackson was not head coach material. He more than proved that by throwing his entire team under the bus as soon as last season ended. But as an offensive mind and a play caller Jackson was crafty, creative and cocky. Yes, a little swagger can go a long way.

Through the design of Jackson and the guidance of Al Saunders Oakland’s offense became explosive over night. Jackson helped turn Darren McFadden into a potential MVP candidate. Thus far Knapp is on a mission to turn Run DMC into the new Crash Test Dummy aka Justin Fargas. Lane Kiffin ran Fargas into the ground. Leave it to Knapp and he’ll do the same to McFadden be it on the ground, through the air if not both.

Between Al Saunders and Jackson the Raiders had an offense that was well on its way to the upper echelon of the NFL. Under Knapp the Oakland O is on its way back down to the level he left it out on his way out of The Bay. We’re all preaching patience with this new regime but Knapp has worn thin on Raider Nation no thanks to his first stint and now he’s not helping his cause at all. Never thought I’d say this but the Raiders really do miss Hue Jackson the coordinator. Jackson the head coach? Not so much.

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  • greg s.

    I can’t agree with u more. If only we can bring hue back or at the very least promote al Saunders to OC. But definitely Gregg Knapp has to go!!!!

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  • wilbcore


  • A Raiders Fan

    Awesome article. Bottom line is Knapp is crap. He wasn’t hiding his cards in preseason, he has no freaking cards. Let the freaking JamarcaKnapp Era begin… Who hired this guy anyway. This new regime is sloppy at best.

  • Raven

    You do realize :
    Equal or better first downs

    More Total yards

    More Yards per Pass

    Equal or better red zone score %

    Less Penalties and Penalty Yards

    Equal or Less Turnovers

    Equal or Better Yards per play

    than our opening games of 2010 and 2011
    in a new system,
    give the guy a minute

  • Terrell Randall

    I really want to be patient so I’ll see this game vs Miami Raven. If we lose that game I know why it occurred and I will rant until the end of the season for it will be over.

  • Dan

    Knapp needs to go…..and the sooner the better. Not only is it extrememly boring to watch, it does not score much and depends way to much on one person (McFadden). do we really want him touching the ball on every play, not only thinking of his injury history, but the fact that the other team sees what we are doing 95% of the time and keys on that. We need a veteran receiver …P. Burrus ???

  • Guest

    And the one trick play that he did send in got botched!

  • YL-RaiderFan

    And the one trick play that he did send in got botched!

  • Rock

    I know points are points but when you have the ball on the 1 and a half yard line with a half a yard to go for the first down going into the Black Hole you need to make a statement. The statement that was made was to the team that we don’t believe in you. I’m sorry say, but that was pathetic

  • Raiderfan

    Hue Jackson was a great head coach. Yes he told his players like it is, thats what the great coaches do. His offensive play calling was genius and he didnt even pick his own DC. If Hue Jackson was coach this would be a very potent team and probably just as good on defense

  • R Christopher Meyer

    Hue was an exellent head coach and offensive coordinator. Don’t forget how well the Raiders were playing before Jason Campbell and most of the recievers were injured. On top of that, he had a terrible defensive coordinator that he did not select. Then tragically Al Davis passed away leaving Hue as the General Manager in his first year. Hue was a Raider at heart! Perhaps Knapp should study some of our winning game films from last year. Lets support our new staff but hope they maintain some Raider tradition and Raider loyalty as I believe Mr. Al Davis would want. Go Raiders!


    Can’t say I agree with you. I think we need to give it more time and see after four games. Typically after that time you see what kind of team you have. The team was playing with a depleted WR group with no Ford or Moore. Though Criner and Streater looked good in preseason, they are still wet behind the ears as evidenced by the Streater loss. Hagan is a good route runner but he wasn’t here last year. So before you pull a Hue Jackson and throw the OC under the bus, wait and see what happens in the next two- three weeks.

    Also, Mcfadden is every bit of elite as Foster is and Saunders is still on the team as an OC advisor or whatever role they made up for him. Plus, it wasn’t Knapp that lost that ball on the end around. We lost the game because we lost our long snapper. we didn’t lose because the offense didn’t produce, the team actually outgained the SD offense on every level except points.

    Bottom line, the offense needs to come together and that just doesn’t happen in preaseason with the starters playing only a handful of series per game. Lets preach patience before we burn the house down.

  • whatAshame

    Tom Cable, Hue Jackson. Bet you all miss those guys and still wish they were with your pitiful organization that will mostly end up in the toilet. But I hope you guys get Hue or Tom back and fire your idiot staff. The past Two season i pulled for you guys. ~ and this is coming from a 49er fan.

  • Permanently Focused!

    ok i get mark davis doesnt know sh%t about football, Al knew mark wasnt sh%t but he shouldve groomed someone to take the reigns.Mark hands over the keys to reggie and its no way the fact we had a legitmate offense last two years shouldve been totally ignored i mean who the fuk hires gregg knapp you already know what your going to get NO IMAGINATION OR HEART. All reggie had to do is get salary cap and defense correct Im totally disappointed in Reggie and Dennis Allen i dont have time to wait on his learning curve , he may be good in 3 years but Raider nation deserves next level success look how harbaugh turned SF around . It sucks to be a raider fan now days and im beeen a fan for 20 years seen ups and downs .

  • Blaknsilver

    You my sir are a complete idiot

  • Blaknsilver

    Yes you Mariano! I like your optimism but the truth is in all of the comments made by the Raider Nation! We have spoken!

  • Sacraidermann!