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Dolphins Stick A Fork In The Raiders

They’re done. This season is over before it started. The Oakland Raiders are officially rebuilding and in case you didn’t get Miami’s 35-13 memo let me fill you in on where our beloved Silver and Black stand.

This franchise was undergoing a makeover. We knew that. What remained to be seen was what type over overhaul we were talking.

Come to find out this is a Joan Rivers job. Better yet it’s Nick Cage and Travolta in Face Off.  We don’t recognize the face but this team seems very familiar. A little too familiar to all the other underachieving Raider teams we’ve become far too accustomed to in the last decade.

The Raiders once again were massacred in Miami. We should be used to this. If it feels familiar it’s because it happened less than a year ago. Makes you yearn for the days of Daunte Culpepper’s dominance in South Beach.

But that’s ancient history, just like this season. Yes, I am already putting 2012 in the rearview.

I’m not saying the Raiders are going to send Dennis Allen to Rod Marinelli infamy.  For all we know this team could finish with the first winning season since that Super Bowl we do not speak of. That being said, no matter how you slice it this is not a playoff team.

Yep, let’s face the facts. Fact of the matter is less than 15% of the teams that have ever started 0-2 have made the NFL playoffs. This Oakland team doesn’t look anything like a unit that will defy the odds. This Oakland teams looks unprepared. This Oakland team looks uninterested. This Oakland team looks like it’s done.

Stick a fork in it.

Reggie Bush ran all over the supposed new-look Oakland defense and made it look just like the same old Raiders run defense.

Greg Knapp has made Darren McFadden more useless than JaMarcus Russell with a hangover. The preseason is over. Knapp’s offense is officially terrible.

Yes, this season is already over. I’ll be watching every Sunday still. It’s what I’ll always do so long as the Silver and Black play on Sundays. So don’t get it twisted. It’s just that this year I’ll just be watching knowing this team has shut it down to rebuild for the future.

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  • thaddaeus of louisville

    So do you think they are tanking for draf picks bc Reggie has no faith in the team? I fear that the new regime is just inept. I nearly puked on myself when Knapp was named OC. I did a double take when Tarver was called from the college ranks. I didn’t want to believe my gut feeling when Knapp said he was switching to a zbs…the very one that made McFadden look pedestrian. I’m so confused with all these decisions that appear to be made to tank this season. Reggie said its going to take time…he said Allen gets two years minimum…this is the last thing I want a new gm to say after taking over a team who narrowly missed the playoffs…who when healthy looked almost like a safe bet to get into the playoffs. Was I overly optimistic…did my raiders actually look like a compitive team only for some shrek looking dude to kick out the only competent head coach we’ve had since gruden? I’ve been patient and don’t feel too happy with shrek’s 3 year plan. You didn’t hear Harbaugh come up with some slow improvement plan. None of these new coaches or the new gm have proved anything in their new professional roles. All we needed was a new gm and DC. If it won’t broke don’t fix it. This raider fan is absolutely disgusted. I do miss hue. Say what you want about the palmer trade or some of his play calls, but hue had balls and you knew he loved the raiders and wanted more than anything to give the fans what we all have been dying for…a taste of the playoffs. To have a new overly confident regime come in and tell is to wait and watch them pick apart a team right in the hunt the last two years is unacceptable to me. I have no idea what these guys are doing. I’m so disappointed…more than I ever have been in the last ten years. I don’t know how long I can last. I’ll always love the raiders bit I feel like I must be a tad bit masochistic staying onboard this ship that never leaves port.

  • Raider fan till I die

    The Raiders take one step forward last year and five steps back. It’s aperant that Greg Knapp still is unable to run an offense and the Defense still can’t stop the running game and once again the Raiders make a team that not only are not a play off team but will be lucky to win four games look like a super bowl contender. To all the fellow Raider fans lets get ready to hear with the first pick in 2013 draft the Raiders select Matt Barkley.

  • DeathTongue Opus

    you make some good points, but I didn’t like Hue, and I’m glad he’s gone. I thought the new coaches were a gamble, but I thought at least Allen and Tarver might have some upside, and they may still turn the corner. but, right now it looks like this season is definitely snowballing into an Art Shell II style trainwreck.

  • Demonknight_cte

    Completely new coaching staff, HC and DC are rookies. First time in a decade with a real GM .half the team are new players snd you didnt know we were rebuilding ? Come on Chris , Im callin u on that bill$hit. Just because u didnt hear those exact words doesnt mean it wasnt happening. We are doing what should have been done 9 years ago. Seems all to quick the terrible cap and no draft position Al and Hue left this franchise in. Knapp still sucks !