Too Early To Second Guess Reggie McKenzie?

Yes, we do live in a time of instant gratification. A lot of us have grown accustomed to watching movies when and where we want to in addition to getting our foods served to us ASAP without having to leave the comforts of a running car. So it’s only natural we expect immediate results from our football team as well.

It was a given that Reggie McKenzie was going to have to do plenty of house cleaning. No matter what the Raiders had to make it under the cap which meant getting rid of some bloated contracts.

That’s fine and all. This is a business and it is what it is.

However some of McKenzie’s non-business related decisions are already looking ripe to be second guessed.

Hue Jackson might not have been head coach material. We certainly know he was never meant to be a general manager. None the less it’s hard to argue against Jackson given the way the Raiders performed on his watch relative to how they’ve reverted two games into the Dennis Allen-Greg Knapp era.

Like a lot of us I was calling for McKenzie to give Jackson at least one more season. But this is the Reggie Show and he’ll run it the way he sees fit.

So be it.

Allen is a rookie head coach that is learning on the job. Having to share in his growing pains is…well…painful.

Speaking of pain. Am I the only one that cringes whenever Darren McFadden touches the rock now? It used to be we held our breath. Now we’re just chocking back vomit. Knapp has amazingly turned one of the NFL’s great weapons into a complete non-factor.

While McKenzie does the hiring and not the coaching he is very much involved with shaping the roster.  How the Raiders allowed themselves to be so thin at such crucial positions is embarrassing. Nobody is saying DeMarcus Van Dyke would have solved all of Oakland’s woes but it would be nice to have a promising prospect over a practice squad castoff.

So to answer my own question, yes, it is more than fair to question McKenzie just two regular season games into his tenure. If his intentions were to rebuild this team from the ground up then he should have made even more drastic moves. Why keep Carson Palmer if you’re going to be looking at QBs anyway. Why have Richard Seymour on the payroll if you’re likely to let him walk if he doesn’t take a pay cut? Better yet, why allow Raider Nation to get all fired up for change when all that change has done is further our misery?

Perhaps we owe McKenzie the benefit of the doubt. Nobody’s expecting a Super Bowl right now but we’d at least like to watch a team play with some heart. This bunch looks every bit a team that knows they’re all auditioning for jobs elsewhere next year.  Raider Nation isn’t going anywhere. Our support remains. McKenzie just shouldn’t expect that support to keep his stadium filled on Sundays. Some of us would rather get our Silver and Black fix from the comfort of a couch that’s paid for over a ticket package that has to be financed. Chalk that up to yet another modern convenience…I guess.

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