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Just Quit, Baby: Raiders Rollover In Denver

Color me a hater. Call me a Silver and Black sellout.


Alls I know is the 2012 Oakland Raiders are done. Stick a fork in them. Move on. Nothing to see here.

Today’s pathetic 37-6 loss in Denver revealed all we need to know about this team.

This is a full-blown rebuild from top to bottom. Reggie McKenzie you should have just cut Carson Palmer from day one to let us all know what we were in store for.

Not a single player on the Raiders roster played with any heart today. Whether the blame falls on the shoulders of Dennis Allen and his staff or McKenzie and his clear message of moving-on is debatable.

Again, alls (yes, I’m that angry my grammar has gone out the window) I know is this team McKenzie and Allen inherited wasn’t this miserable, pathetic, uninspired and unwatchable.

I already knew Peyton Manning was going to pick us apart like the Klumps would do a Blooming Onion. But I didn’t think it would be yet another Sunday of watching a QB play catch like he’s in a public park with his homeboys. At no point did the Oakland defense even put even the threat of getting touched let alone hit into the heart of Manning. Saw this last week against Big Ben. Hated it then. Will hate it even more when it’s some scrub doing it to us in December.

Darren McFadden was back to being invisible. Last week was clearly a tease. Greg Knapp is still more inept at calling plays than Tim Tebow is at calling an escort services. We saw enough of his sad act last time he was in the East Bay. We’ve seen more than enough to know Knapp is useless.

Time to move on…again…from Greg Knapp.

Even if this season has some miraculous turnaround and the Raiders win a respectable eight games for a third year running this franchise will still be no better than it was previously. I’m willing to be patient. I’m just not going to sit through another decade of dismal football.

Once again…alls I know is there is more than enough talent on this team to be more competitive than the sad showing we sat through today. If the players aren’t motivated it falls on the coaches. If the coaches aren’t doing enough it falls on the front office. If the front office isn’t good enough then its time to sell and move back to Los Angeles.

Whatever the McKenzie master plan is just get it over with sooner than later. Asking the most faithful fan base in football to sit through another 10 years of rebuilding is foolish at best, ignorant at worst.

I’ve already seen enough to know what this season is about. Please, McKenzie, don’t Goodell us on this. We already know what it is we’re watching. This is Football 101 for you, Mark Davis and Allen. Too bad Raider Nation has to take the crash course too. We didn’t get any say so in our choice of classes for this semester of Football for Dummies.

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  • Don Quinlan

    Don’t you have any better way to spend your time other than trolling other team’s comment forums? Isn’t THAT a bit pathetic? Do me a favor (if you have the balls to emerge from anonimity and stand behind your ill-conceived, inane remarks) and tell me which team you support (if you have enough loyalty to back a team, that is) so that I can come to your team’s articles and kick your fans when they’re down after their losses, you lack-witted primate!

  • Don Quinlan

    Palmer for Sanchez? I wouldn’t give them Leinart for Sanchez! Why would the Raiders, who desperately need to make sone kind of move, start by trading for that overrated washout? Man…grab yourself a coffee and wake the @#$% up!

  • Don Quinlan

    Sure he is, just as soon as they 1. Fire Knapp 2. Switch back to a power-blocking scheme and 3. Even if 1 and 2 don’t happen, let Palmer run a hurry-up and call the plays himself from under center. Carson Palmer looks pretty much as good as he’s ever looked, but needs the freedom to read defensive alignments on the fly and to call plenty of audibles!


    Bring back chucky..he’d shitcan all the dead headed unmotivated, unprofessional jack offs and send them off to flip burgers. They can take knapp with them too,!

  • Lupe R

    Go write for the 49ers Selloutcroft, the Raider Nation does not need to hear or read this shit from you.

  • Lupe R

    Go write for the 49ers Selloutcroft, the Raider Nation does not need to hear or read this shit from you.