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Just Quit, Baby: Raiders Rollover In Denver

Color me a hater. Call me a Silver and Black sellout.


Alls I know is the 2012 Oakland Raiders are done. Stick a fork in them. Move on. Nothing to see here.

Today’s pathetic 37-6 loss in Denver revealed all we need to know about this team.

This is a full-blown rebuild from top to bottom. Reggie McKenzie you should have just cut Carson Palmer from day one to let us all know what we were in store for.

Not a single player on the Raiders roster played with any heart today. Whether the blame falls on the shoulders of Dennis Allen and his staff or McKenzie and his clear message of moving-on is debatable.

Again, alls (yes, I’m that angry my grammar has gone out the window) I know is this team McKenzie and Allen inherited wasn’t this miserable, pathetic, uninspired and unwatchable.

I already knew Peyton Manning was going to pick us apart like the Klumps would do a Blooming Onion. But I didn’t think it would be yet another Sunday of watching a QB play catch like he’s in a public park with his homeboys. At no point did the Oakland defense even put even the threat of getting touched let alone hit into the heart of Manning. Saw this last week against Big Ben. Hated it then. Will hate it even more when it’s some scrub doing it to us in December.

Darren McFadden was back to being invisible. Last week was clearly a tease. Greg Knapp is still more inept at calling plays than Tim Tebow is at calling an escort services. We saw enough of his sad act last time he was in the East Bay. We’ve seen more than enough to know Knapp is useless.

Time to move on…again…from Greg Knapp.

Even if this season has some miraculous turnaround and the Raiders win a respectable eight games for a third year running this franchise will still be no better than it was previously. I’m willing to be patient. I’m just not going to sit through another decade of dismal football.

Once again…alls I know is there is more than enough talent on this team to be more competitive than the sad showing we sat through today. If the players aren’t motivated it falls on the coaches. If the coaches aren’t doing enough it falls on the front office. If the front office isn’t good enough then its time to sell and move back to Los Angeles.

Whatever the McKenzie master plan is just get it over with sooner than later. Asking the most faithful fan base in football to sit through another 10 years of rebuilding is foolish at best, ignorant at worst.

I’ve already seen enough to know what this season is about. Please, McKenzie, don’t Goodell us on this. We already know what it is we’re watching. This is Football 101 for you, Mark Davis and Allen. Too bad Raider Nation has to take the crash course too. We didn’t get any say so in our choice of classes for this semester of Football for Dummies.

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  • Gil Oliva

    Raider figured out how to shoot themselves in the foot. I am sure they will manage to destroy the nation and sell it off to L.A. Fans three years of sell outs in a row and the Raiders slap us in he face and lol.

  • Tony DeBear

    They need to move back to L.A that place in oakland is a dump..

  • oljw

    Raider fans eat it and deserve all the pain their “team” imposes on them. ’nuff said

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  • Lawrence D Jahn

    Youre a douchebag if you didnt notice Palmer in top form, he is one of the better things about the team this season. Maybe you are brain dead and think Leinart is a better option? Laughable.

  • $$man Has Spoken

    Palmer has looked good in one game this season. It’s much deeper than that though. The O.C. needs to go, bring back Saunders and Wiz. Shouldn’t have let anyone go on D other than Chuck B. These guys upfront can’t stop the run or rush the passer. Is it the scheme or the players? We better figure out something during the bye or it’s 3-13 this yr.

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  • Todd_the_Hunn

    But have you noticed the decrease in penalties ; ) I hate to say this but the Raiders need to consider playing Terrell Pryor . They need to see what they have at qb as they appear to be entering the Barkley sweepstakes .

  • YL-RaiderFan

    You don’t even know me. And yet you’re going to tell me to eat it? And that I deserve the pain that we are getting from our team? It’s fans like you that give us Raider fans a good name. And for that I say thank you!

  • $$man Has Spoken

    I have noticed that, however, it is also obvious that this team stinks as a whole. It starts with Allen’s decision to fire the wrong coaches, and bring in inept ones.Knapp has transformed one of the most dynamic thoroughbreds in DMC into a plodding jack@$$ in 4 games. The DL coach has no clue to how to rush the passer and the secondary is horrid. Even Chuck B.’s D looked better than this Pop Warner performance witnessed yesterday. If Reggie doesn’t force Allen to make big changes during this bye wk this team is destined for another season of double digit losses.

  • Terrell Randall

    I’d like to see Carson traded to the Jets along with DHB for Sanchez and Stephen Hill.

  • YL-RaiderFan

    The excitement of rooting for my team is gone for the
    season. I really believe Reggie and Dennis made a huge mistake when they hired Knapp.
    That game yesterday made me want to take a “Knapp”. This offense is so vanilla.
    The Raiders were not beat from the other team having more talent, they were
    beat by coaching. DEN’s offense and defense just looked so much more exciting
    with the schemes they’re running. So much more creativity going on. In fact I’m
    not so sure Reggie made the right decision with DA. Maybe he should have pursued
    John G.

    I’m with you Chris!

  • bigstock

    This is a joke. At least with Al Davis I knew he wanted to win more then anything and he would do or try anything to win. Even if he had lost it the last 10 years. These guys have never had it, and that’s what bothers me. Al Davis forgot more about football then Knapp, Allen, and Reg will ever know. The Raiders died with Al Davis. It’s over.

  • soldier32mp

    Well oh my a decrease in penalties…There should be less period! I totally agree with this article 100% I wait the whole year just to be disappointed once again with another rebuild..stop bringing in useless talent Palmer should’ve been scrapped from the get go and the O line is dysfunctional at best..undersized, bad habits, and really no stars once so ever. The same ol thing injuries….that’s why teams get rid of injury prone player’s like Spencer, bartell, Carter why would the patriots get rid of Carter unless his injuries out weighted his playing…hmmmm

  • soldier32mp

    I don’t blame the chain of command just yet they came into a mess left before them,before them etc just like the president or any president they inherit the left over garbage …It is a head scratcher when you have players so old the can’t go through camp and preseason because of arthritis in the knees…

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    I wouldn’t care if Carson Palmer was traded for a bucket of fried chicken . He’s not gonna get it done .

  • soldier32mp

    The bottom line I think we can agree as fans is it is going to be awhile …again to really build a competitive team right now the really don’t have the resources $$$$ and the market is weak for solid players ..

  • Terrell Randall

    We had 74 yds of offense in the second half. That is a joke offensively. Knapp has to go, if anything gives our D a rest to be able to try to make a play.

  • RaiderBoogie

    Look folks, cleaning up the mess that Al Davis left the Raiders in is going to take time… The Raiders cap situation was unsustainable… Reggie had to let players go so he could get the Raiders under the cap that he probably would have kept otherwise- like Kamerion Wimbley and Michael Bush to name a couple. The current roster is built to plug the holes that those departures created. I think as Reggie is able to bring in ‘his guys’ through the draft and free agency when they have the cap room and aren’t just trying to field a roster like they are now, that’s when we’ll really be able to judge how well or poorly Reggie is building up & running the team. I will however agree whole heartedly with my fellow Raider fans that the biggest piss poor off season move that Reggie & DA made – hiring Greg Knapp. Knapp has single handedly put McFadden and the Raiders running game in neutral. His scheme is crap and he doesn’t have the X’s & O’s creativity to get over on the better defenses in the NFL. I get that getting used to a new scheme can take some time but if the Raiders don’t come out of the bye week with some new wrinkles in the offensive game plan and/or some creative play calling…. they’re done! They’re not good enough to get by on athletic ability anymore – those days left with Al Davis.

  • Luke

    Amen! Sick of losing…

  • hawaiiR8dr

    KNAPP”S GOTTA GO !!!!!!!!!!!

  • DF Moller

    That new offense of their suck. Its pretty much the same offense as last year, but last years was explosive. What happened? The difference is the coordinator. Greg Nap. He’s responsible for that lame nap time offense. Does not call good plays. McFadden is going nowhere with that zone blocking.

  • deeboy061980

    ive read all 19 comments and the question i like to have answered is……..
    what about terrelle pryor????
    the guy is just as good as cam newton, the one thing he does that cp3 doesnt is run the ball. tp6 can throw like cp3, tp6 can hand the ball off like cp3, tp6 can run the ball and create 59yds on the 1st play, run 17yds for a touchdown on a second play, cp3 cant do any of those things. if any of you true raider fans seen ALL of the preseason games, then you know what im talking about etc, etc, etc. terrelle pryor has heart and i can see that. id rather loose with this guy than anybody else, and for the record as a die hard raider fan, if were gonna go down, then we should go down fighting instead of laying on our backs and taking it and tp6 is not gonna lay on his back….

  • YL-RaiderFan

    I agree 100%

  • Metcatz

    I’ve been a Raider fan for 30 years and live and die with the Silver and Black, but what I witnessed yesterday forced me to turn off the TV altogether early in the 3rd quarter. The offense? Greg Knapp is a joke. DMC leads the league until injured last year so let’s scrap the whole scheme and start over. Hey Greg, tell us one more time how “it’s gonna take time” to learn your nonsense. You suck. ‘Nuff said. How many times did we hear after DA got hired how he was a “defensive minded” head coach? All I saw yesterday was a bunch of Keystone Kops running in circles. The defense was horrid. They looked lost and had no clue what they were doing. Even the announcers said multiple times that “the Raiders were confused.” Well I, myself am sick to death of it already. As much as Al needed to step back some from his total control of everything on the field and off, heads would have already rolled this year. Cut Palmer, fire Knapp, and please stop signing all of Green Bay’s castoffs. Their defense was dead last in the league last year for a reason. If these guys couldn’t make THAT squad, what the hell makes Reggie think they belong here?? I knew it was gonna be some cuts and time for this franchise to get out from under some bad contracts and such, but this is pathetic. They are simply, uninspired, lost and just downright awful. My loyalty will never waver, Raider Nation for Life, but I can’t watch this. Season is over.

  • DDash55

    I flew to Denver this weekend to see my team COMPETE…Not necessarily win, compete. I listened to Bronco fans insult and chirp at our small group for hours in the parking lot, and sadly…Me and my small group fought harder Sunday defending the honor and tradition of the Oakland Raiders than the team did.

    The Raiders owe me (a 40 year fan) $1500 bucks back for my flight, hotel, meals and tickets. I want to win more than any Raider fan in the world…But I can’t stand for laying down and quitting on the job…Which is what they did. Reggie and DA, you guys don’t have 10 years to get this team competitive and playing with a purpose. Heart doesn’t cost a dime!

  • nboma gamojah

    Carson Palmer played very well last week and this week. The problem is Knapp’s system is NOT WORKING. Macfadden is being used wrong.!!! Yesterday Mcfadden struggles to turn into the holes that quickly close in this ZONE BLOCKING SCHEME. ITS NOT GONNA WORK. Macfadden is a down hill… str8– to the– house ..powerfull back with super speed.BUT..he cant turn his hips and adjust in this ZBS.

  • Carl Maestre

    the “new era” looks very similar to the “old” one…….

  • Jerry

    I watched McClain jog to the person with the ball all day til about 5 minutes left, if the play doesn’t come at him, he jogs and lets someone else make the play, complete opposite of Ray Lewis

  • gpraider

    How about scraping all the veterans since they can’t get it done. Go with newbies who will be paid league minimum. They will sink or swim, can’t be any worse than what we saw on Sunday. At least they will give it their all. That’s why so many more enjoy watching college ball!

  • Jerry

    This is how I see it, and play along, starting with Mark Davis. I’m sure Al knew what was about to come down the pike, with cap issues and the stadium issues. And he probably left Mark with a detailed plan on how to leave Oaktown and eventually make the move to L.A. Bring someone in to make the team very bad, piss the fans in Oaktown off so bad that they won’t support the team. I noticed that L.A got the stadium approved,.Oakland will finish the season with the 1st pick in next years draft. Think about it, I’d do all this too if it meant that I could be in the number 1 market with a new stadium.. I kinda like the sound of the L.A. Raiders.Bigger market more income means better team, That.s what I want in my beloved Raiders to be the baddest team in the NFL and this the best way to make it happen, plus it will force ESPN to cover them. Eat that Mortenson!!

  • intrepidforce

    At least play with heart.

  • intrepidforce

    You mean to tell me that the Raiders need to be told to play hard. Even if they lose they can be competitive. Com on man!

  • Sacraidermann!


  • Raider Mike

    With the 3rd pick in the NFL draft the Oakland Raiders select…………… Offense is horrible right now. Last two years McFadden was the best running back in the league. DHB almost had a 1,000 years. Now everthing looks so mediocre. Hue Jackson was an offensive genious. The offense wasnt broke last year. This team was one game from making the playoffs last year, but you couldnt tell from the play. I think its a new coach and trying to get his feel. I think they should have cut Seymour. I think they still trying to clean house on the defensive side of the ball. Trade Mclain for a 4th round pick in the offseason. They working out the kinks because McKenzie is trying to mold this team into the Green Bay on the West Coast. Im looking forward to next year with more draft picks and money to bring in players. However, these players are not competing at the highest level. They got rid of theyre best players who were over paid. This season is done deal. Palmer has looked better than what most people have thought. I say next year

  • Trevor Guillory

    Gimme a break, mess? Hue would have them 4-0 with a new DC. If Al Saunders was calling plays in last years offense, this team would be 4-0. Knapp has to go! DA, if you have any sense at all, fire him! My opinion is that he won’t because he hired him. Cable fired him because Kiffin hired him. 2-14 here we come! Mess???? Stop blaming Bush…I mean AD, this team would win with a real OC. Defense would be better too if they had time to rest.

  • Benn

    Greg Napp has to go!
    Like NOW!!!
    Bring back Hue Jackson
    He had the offense explosive & had us fans on our feet.
    Sick & tired of been the trash of the NfL

  • Luis

    Are u guys fucking retarded? How is this palmers fault?

  • The Man

    How did they quit? they never started. McNugget oh I mean Mckenzie has got to so=top chanign the roster so much. how is a team suppose to gel? Why in the world did Woody Allen I mean Dennis Allen and mcNugget bring in that incompetent fool Knap? If they would have let Saunders run the offense and Allen would have focused on teh Defense and developed the young players on the team they would at least be decent. How in teh world are you suppose to build a team when you switch out a third of the roster weekly? All we are doing is getting rid of our young talent and picking up other teams trash. So frusturating, it has been a decade and it looks like it is going to be five more years of this junk!

  • Terrell Randall

    Boogie, don’t put Knapp on Reggie. That was Allen’s hire period. In fact every coach here was Dennis Allen’s for Reggie allowed the head coach to bring in his coaches/coord, which is contrary to how Al ran things for he hired his own assts before hiring his head coach. Now I’m sure that Reggie has spoken to Allen about that boneheaded hire and it’s time to go back to what works here in Oakland, the power blockiing scheme.

  • Oldest Raider Fan

    123 and out 123and out 123 and out 2nd quarter 123 and out 123 and out 123 and out 3rd quarter 123 and out 123 and out 123 and out DEFENSE SAYS WE QUIT!!!
    Thanks Knapp and thanks cement legs Palmer. oldest raider fan!!!!

  • raiderjoe

    Thats how I feel. ZBS is fine, if you have the right personnel to execute it. We don’t. The current team was built for power blocking. McFadden is a power runner. He failed in the zbs in Knapps first stint. Knapp or whomever needs to tailor the scheme to fit the players they have. That’s what it is.

  • raidrjoe

    And who is? If you think its Pryor, then you are delusional.

  • Kyle

    Pryor is horrible at throwing, horrible awareness and not much power either. He didn’t prove shit in the preseason. Maybe if you watched the game against the Steelers you would see what kind of weapon Palmer is. He is just another wasted piece of talent along with DHB, McFadden, McClain, Huff, Giordano, Branch etc.

  • Kyle Hasib

    Thank you Luis. Whenever we lose it’s Palmer’s fault for some reason. The Raider fans these days are idiots.

  • Scott

    Where are all those smack talking Raider fans now? Oh yea, all crying about pathetic their team is! Ha maybe they should pack their bags and head to L.A.

  • qball1891238999

    With the amount of new personnel each year, it i no wonder that we are always in a rebuilding year.