Out Of Bounds: 5 Quirky Questions For A Broncos Blogger

There are few teams that I loath more than the Denver Broncos. From that hideous orange on down to the horse smile of John Elway I can’t stand any of it.

That being said there are few bloggers I respect more than Kim Constantinesco. For those that aren’t knowing Kim runs Predominantly Orange which just so happens to be the top Broncos blog on the net. Writers like Kim are a big reason why FanSided has become such a blogging juggernaut. So I can excuse her poor choice to root for the Broncos in lieu of her dedication to putting out some of the best content in cyber space.

As we like to do on game day JBB tossed Kim our patented 5 quirky questions to get you ready for the battle against the Broncos. As you would expect, Kim’s unflappable approach yielded some creative and crafty answers.

Q: What buddy movie best sums up the Peyton Manning/Tim Tebow saga that played out during the offseason?

A: The movie that comes to mind is Toy Story. Peyton Manning is “Woody,” the pull-string cowboy and most established toy, while Tim Tebow is “Buzz Lightyear,” the newest action figure astronaut.

In Toy Story, Woody was put on the back burner as a toy by “Andy” just like Manning was put out of sight last year since he had to sit out the entire season. Tebow took center stage with his impressive features and became the most popular toy like Buzz Lightyear. Also like Buzz, who believes he’s really a space ranger and not a toy, Tebow believes that he’s a quarterback, and not just a football player. When all is said and done, Woody is the ultimate leader and Andy’s favorite toy just like Manning won over the hearts of all the people that wanted Tebow last year. Old reliable always seems to win out.

Q: If Jack Del Rio were a pro wrestler what would he have done to one of the replacement officials in the ring?

A: If Jack Del Rio were a pro wrestler, first of all, he’d be dressed in a business suit. His entrance music? “Oh Yeah” by Yello. After grappling with the replacement ref in the ring for a bit, Del Rio would throw a block to knock the ref down then grab a stump of wood and club him in the back of the head. No axe needed for that fight, just the old “bring the wood” linebacker mentality.

Q: After it is all said and done who will be more remembered as a Bronco: Peyton Manning or Champ Bailey?

A: With a Super Bowl or two, Peyton Manning will be more remembered as a Bronco. Without him, the perception would be that the team wouldn’t have won in the first place. Without the championship, Champ Bailey will be more remembered. Of the two, Bailey has done more for the organization however you look at it.

Q: Darren McFadden rushing yards or Demariyus Thomas receiving yards: which will be greater?

A: Even though McFadden has demolished the Broncos on the ground in the last three games that he’s played, I’m going with Demaryius Thomas on this one. Based on the Raiders’ poor pass defense (ranked 26th) and their inability to get to the quarterback, Manning and Thomas should have a big day. Thomas is a big target, but he’s excelled at getting the yards after the catch. McFadden can do that too, but the Broncos will be zeroed in on him. The Raiders’ defense has too many other targets too worry about than just Thomas.

And finally the most important question of all…

Q: Denver defense/special teams: start or sit?

A: Start. This is a hungry team and all three phases will be on point Sunday. Dennis Allen is going to wish he had Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil back on his side.

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