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Has Dennis Allen Already Lost The Locker Room?

Is it too early to wonder aloud whether or not rookie head coach Dennis Allen still has the ear of his football team? Not if consider how embarrassingly bad the Raiders looked during Sunday’s debacle in Denver.

Losing I can tolerate. If a team is that much better then so be it. I just have a very difficult time wrapping my head around a team with the type of talent the Raiders have being as absent for an entire afternoon of football as they were.

Where was the effort? Not once did Peyton Manning even face the threat of being hit let alone put on his ass.

Where was the commitment to excellence?  As horrible as the Raiders were in the first half the game was there for the taking until everything came undone in the third quarter.

Where is the competitive nature of this team? Losing is one thing. No-showing in a rivalry game is quite another. To be honest it is totally unacceptable.

I can’t go on the record with some quote from an anonymous source. But I sure can watch the game unfold, observe the body language of the players and interpret the decisions made by the coaches. On all accounts it would appear as if the Raiders have no desire to put in work for Allen and his staff.

Perhaps this is more about the absurdity of Greg Knapp’s horrible game plans than anything else. Nobody expected much of Oakland’s defense not after how horrible that unit was last season.

However the offense was supposed be able to lift the team with help from the special teams. So far nothing has worked and after a standout performance against Pittsburgh Knapp is back to wearing the dunce hat.

If the players have already tuned their coaches out then some of the blame has to fall on Reggie McKenzie as well. He was the one whose arrival was marked by firings, contract shredding and complete staff overhauls. Not exactly a way to make your current employees feel either welcomed or secure in their jobs.

Wherever the blame ultimately falls there is plenty of it to go around. Maybe the players do enjoy playing for Allen. It certainly isn’t showing up on Sundays. That’s the real sign of something being amiss. Its one thing to be bad. We’ve seen the bad Raiders for more than a decade now. However it is entirely different to be indifferent. These Raiders are highly indifferent to the season. Its obvious changes must be made. The problem is that all we know around the Silver and Black is change. So for better or worse this is the team we’re stuck with for the foreseeable future.

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  • Joe InMaryland

    Get rid of Greg Knapp and his offense. Bring back the power running offense from last year. Quit screwing with things that don’t work. Look back when Knapp was with the Raiders before – IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!! DUHHHHHHHH

  • PanamaRaider

    Bring back Gruden!!!!!

  • Dan

    GRUDEN……can fix it! I see not emotion on the sidelines during games, Gruden had plenty of emotion and earned the respect of his players. Knapp has to go, he is killing the Raiders, and Allen has not impressed me any either. They all would be gone if Mr Davis was running the show…..and i would be in favor of it. P.S. if we are not going to use McFadden…then trade him. Why should we keep him from being a star somewhere, just because we dont use him correctly??

  • ECRaidersfan

    If he’s lost some of the locker room then it’s only the players who just wanted to collect a paycheck. As far as I’m concerned those players can go. The days of players getting away with anything and everything, not producing and sucking up roster spots are gone and I’m glad they are. For 20+ years we have had that and it’s resulted in losing and more losing.

  • Terrell Randall

    Don’t blame Knapp for everyone knew what he was when he was here the FIRST TIME!! It is all on DA for making such a horrid hire when he should have known what this offense was about last season since he played the Raiders twice last season!! Yes, Knapp isn’t a fit here but the HC has to be aware of that and moved on to another OC. Dennis is the reason for the offense’s ineptitude Nationers.