Raiders Must Correct Second Half Struggles

If football games only lasted 30 minutes then the Oakland Raiders would be sitting atop the AFC West and Greg Knapp wouldn’t be getting nearly as much hate mail. Unfortunately it takes 60 minutes of ball to complete and NFL contest and the 2012 Raiders seem to have forgotten that.

In Oakland’s last two losses the second half has been a horror show.

Between the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos the Raiders have been outscored 55-3 in the second halves of both games. Let that sink in for a second. That would mean the Raiders have been outscored 55-3 in one game of ball if you combine the two halves for one full contest.

To put that in a different perspective it would be like watching the Raiders lose 55-3 or like seeing Oakland lose by the final score of 55-3!

You get the idea.

That is pathetic by any standards and there is no excuse for an NFL team to be that flat coming out of the locker room. Let’s not forget how many veterans there are on Oakland’s roster.

Where are the pride, dedication and focus?

This team might not have Super Bowl aspirations but is it too much to ask for a full day’s work on a Sunday?

Dennis Allen knows the Raiders second half struggles on the road are one of the bigger hurdles to over come in Atlanta. Giving the Falcons any momentum after halftime is a recipe for absolute disaster. If the Dolphins and Broncos did damage then what will the how powered Atlanta attack unleash?

When a team is consistently flat out of the locker room on the road it is a reflection on the team’s leaders and coaches. There is no one setting the tone, holding the troops accountable and getting the squad fired up for the final push. Anybody can get hyped during the pregame. All it takes is a love of the game, the sight of thousands of fans and the anticipation of hitting someone.

But coming out after halftime requires an inspired message from the coaches and a proper example set by the team’s vets. So far the Raiders are failing on both fronts. Someone has to get a fire lit. Relying on the coaching staff to get the flames flickering is one thing but this really falls on the players for not showing any sense of urgency.

If the same thing happens again Sunday then we’ll know the locker room is officially lost. Losing is tolerable. Quitting is unforgiveable.

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  • Chuck Ashley

    It is going to be a blowout this weekend in Atlanta. Both starting corners out, it would not help that much anyway. Raiders will draft in the top 5 of the draft, lets hope they can add some depth and pick up some quality players. These players have already given up on the year, the play calling has been atrocious, and the head coach smiling while shaking the opposing coach’s hand after a blowout loss to one of the hated rivals of the Raiders says it all. This season is a wash, rebuilding, and hopefully things get better in the near future for the Raiders. Toward the end of the season, they should give a look at T. Pryor and see what he has to offer. This game will be at least a 30 point loss for this team.

  • tc_sting

    I don’t think it will be a blow out against Atlanta. I feel the raiders will put it to Atlanta via the running game which helps the raiders establish the field and keep Matt Ryan off it for larger chunks of the clock.

    I agree, however, that the raiders are likely to lose this game. Atlanta simply stacks up as the better team. But if the raiders play well and don’t literally hand Alanta the game via turnovers, then we have promising elements to build on. Clearly we are playing for next year already and there’s nothing more to it than that.