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Trade Deadweight Deadline


Raider Nation, this weeks game will tell us all we need to know about what to expect for the rest of the season. If we come out and lay an egg this week against a pitiful Jacksonville Jaguars team, then it’s officially, time to dump cargo and get some return on our investments. This would include trading players like any overpaid DT, Matt Leinert, and even Darren McFadden to help rebuild this team through the draft. Yes I said, DMC.


I’m not one to ever quit on my team Nation. If I was, I’m definitely following the wrong franchise. If our team is indeed throwing in the proverbial towel by loosing to these chumps, we need to get some money/picks back. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching us. Raider Reggie and Dennis Allen need some ammo if we are going to be competitive in the near future. I would hate to trade away talent the likes of DMC but as far as running backs go, statistically, he is on the back slide of his career. Football sometimes is not pretty, but it is definitely a business.


Don’t quit Nation!


Greg Simon

Staff Writer



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  • Raider Nation805

    DMC is on the back slide of his career ? are you watching the same explosivness during his runs that i am ?? article stinks !! you’re an idiot !!

  • dF Mollr

    i agree with RaiderNation805 . Trade DMC?How bout getting a new Offensive coordinator. if not run a powerblock with DMC, and a zone blck with goodson and taiwan jones. Trade seymore & mclame for a corner or 4 or 5 th round draft.

  • holy roller

    get rid of knapp and bring back baby hughie! (next year) this year? get rid of knapp and hire a hooker to call the plays-at least if she blos it there will be a happy ending!

  • monte

    How about getting rid of the coaches? Why would you even suggest getting rid of Darren McFadden? when healthy he’s easily a top 5 RB this is the most irrelevant blog you have posted please think before blogging!!!!!! LOOK at the guys we drafted this year , Besides Miles Burris what other name have you heard? What makes you think that by trading away our best player we are going to get starters in the draft ?Again besides Miles Burris and an UNDRAFTED ROD STREATER what have the other guys done? CRINER?BILUKIDI?THAT GUARD FROM UTAH? CRAWFORD? Nothing !!!!!!! We were doing just fine last year with HUE JACKSON 5-2 BUT INJURIES GOT TO US ITS not the players its the COACHES THE SCHEMES ANd THE INEXPERIeNCE THEY COACH SCARED THEY NEED TO CHECK AND SEE IF THEY STILL HAVE “MARBELS”!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/rodster213 Terrell Randall

    I’d keep DMC but if we lose Sunday then I sure as hell would get rid of Seymour, Carson, T.K. RoMac etc. This also applies if we lose vs either the Chiefs or the Bucs in the upcoming wks.
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