Okay ref, can you run a copy of these plays over to the other team.



Greeting Nation,

I love me some social media. Speaking with the Twitter fans, I know for a fact that I am not the only Raider fan who has noticed Greg Knapp’s lame offensive scheme.  The #fireKnapp hash tag has been used every Sunday for the last four weeks. (More so after one of our countless three and outs.) Knapp’s lack of creativity is astounding.  The commentators and the so-called NFL experts are finally picking up on it and are bringing it to the light. You can’t hide your dirty laundry Knapp. All of your neighbors see you nasty ass chonies hanging from the clothing line.

The one thing that Hue Jackson did that Knapp has not was speak to Darren McFadden and ask for his input. What are his favorite run plays? Help me help you! A smart coach designs a game plan around his talent, not brings the same game cookie cutter plan out and hopes it works out for everyone. When you have a stallion like DMC in your stable, you don’t tie a wagon to him, you set that horse free! #freemcfadden 

Our QB play has been a pleasant surprise this season. Carson Palmer has shown poise and strength in the pocket. His movement in the pocket has been outstanding as he dips and dodges for his existence. I wonder if Patches O’houlihan threw wrenches at him in the off season to prepare for this season. (If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a D lineman.) Palmer has shown great strength in shaking off would be tacklers and has shown great mobility. Madden has him listed as a pocket passer, they may need to change that next season. I’m kidding. I think Carson is feeling the pressure on certain (okay ALL) plays and that’s where the forced mistakes are happening. When we ran the no huddle, and Palmer was in charge of the play calling, we looked good. Hmmm, I wonder….

All in all, we won ugly this weekend.  We will be facing a stout run defense this weekend in KC. I hope Knapp can pull his head out of his ass in time to help Darren McFadden find his former self. Free that pony and watch him go!


Greg Simon

Staff Writer



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  • RayRay122263

    I sure wish Knapp WOULD get his head out of his ass!!! He’s worthless as a play caller… Let the offense utilize its strengths and let DMC run!!!! Design plays FOR him… Don’t let the defense dictate what the offense is going to do! Keep the defense on their heels and let that speed that DMC has run rings around them!!!

  • Raider4life

    You’re absolutely wrong. Knapp seeks McFadden’s input on every game plan. He also provides Palmer a few choices during the no-huddle and talks to the QB on his helmet radio until the NFL cuts it off with 15 seconds on the play clock. Palmer’s on pace to have the second-best passing season in franchise history.

  • http://twitter.com/rodster213 Terrell Randall

    It is Knapp’s offense and he is going to run the ZBS period unless DA fires or gets in his azz. The sad part of the Raiders ineptness is that DA hired this guy yet should have been well aware of what type of scheme the Raiders ran here since he was Denver’s D.C. last season!! I don’t blame Knapp as much as I blame DA for the Knapp is only doing what he has already done here before: sucked at making this team productive,only that it was actually a talented offense this time. Say what you want about Knapp, the main cog here is DA.

  • http://twitter.com/rodster213 Terrell Randall

    I concur Ray Ray. I don’t think Knapp is about doing that though. If anyone is going to do anything it will have to be Allen. He made the horrid hire and thus far has sat back and allowed Knapp to turn an explosive offense into a 2 yd and cloud of dust debacle. This is a do or die game today. I won’t be surprised if the Raiders are ran out of K.C. if this ZBS continues. That’s the sad truth.