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Raiders Done In By Doug Martin, Carson Palmer

Today might very well have represented everything the 2012 Oakland Raiders have to offer. The rollercoaster ride that was the 42-32 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers displayed all we’ve come to love, hate and wish we never knew about our beloved Silver and Black.

Rookie Doug Martin destroyed the Raiders as their thought-to-be improved run defense turned in its worst performance of the season if not the decade. Martin’s 251 yards and 4 TDs came on just 25 carries. I’ll do the math for you. That’s 10-yards-per-carry and that’s something that just shouldn’t happen in the NFL.

This is already a forgettable season for Darren McFadden and it might just have taken its worst turn yet. Run DMC had just 17 yards on 7 carries (classic Greg Knapp production) before leaving the game with a high ankle sprain. We knew this moment was coming we just didn’t think his potential loss would mean this little. With or without McFadden the run game is going nowhere and so too are the Raiders.

So without McFadden the weight of this game fell on the shoulders of Carson Palmer. And with Palmer being Palmer he played like Palmer by going Palmer when the game was within reach.

I’ll explain.

To Dennis Allen’s credit he gets his guys to dig deep and step up when the situation requires it. With the Raiders trailing 28-10 in the third it was looking like another sad reminder of how much work Reggie McKenzie has to do this offseason. But then something amazing happened.

With their backs to the wall the Raiders were led back to the brink of victory thanks to an amazing fourth quarter by Palmer and the Oakland offense.

CP3 tossed 3 of his 4 TDs in the final frame including a two-point conversion as the Raider s hung an unreal 22 points on the scoreboard in the final frame.

But then with a win or possible tie within reach Palmer did what we should have seen coming a mile away. He completely lost his form throwing two incredibly costly INTs in the clutch that assured the Raiders’ hopes of victory were gone.

This game truly displayed all Oakland has to offer this season.

One the positive side they showed heart and determination by battling back when all seemed lost. On the negative side there was terrible tackling-a-plenty and mindless turnovers by Palmer in the most inopportune moments.

Despite posting some sick numbers including completing 61% of his passes on a staggering 61 attempts while throwing for 414 yards it’s those sickening interceptions that will be most remerged of Palmer’s performance today. A QB that can’t deliver in the clutch is a QB that can’t be relied on in big moments. We saw this in Atlanta earlier and we should expect to see more this year but likely never again after this season. In other words Palmer’s days as and NFL starter have an expiration date and it’s the last game of the 2012 season.

As for Martin. He is good. Very good and looks like a real asset for the Bucs in the coming years. But no NFL runner is so good that he should make an NFL defense look like USC chasing Kenjon Barner of Oregon. Oakland’s terrible tackling, poor communication and sloppy defensive scheming was front and center in this loss.

How Palmer could be so sharp yet still make such careless throws is frustrating. He was fortunate on the jump ball Juron Criner pulled from the sky on the clutch two-point conversion. CP3 wasn’t nearly as lucky when he blindly threw a ball that Ahamd Black of the Bucs picked with ease as if it was a punt return.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 Raiders featured prominently today. Something tells me we should get used to this because I’m guessing nothing much is going to change halfway through this exercise in futility.

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  • GDD

    To even try and lay this loss on CP3 feet is just stupid. The total and complete colapse of the run D is the significant game changer hands down . Palmer would not be playing catch up and throwing for his life if we werent starting off with 1 Leg in this ass kickin contest. Again Palmer threw the picks. But those picks come after 70 yard rips by TB ‘ s rookie .

  • Terrell Randall

    I have been saying this for quite some time yet it continues to fall on deaf ears. You have loyalists like GDD below that really think it’s stupid to say Palmer is the reason we lost. No, he isn’t The Reason we lost but he is the reason we didn’t have an opportunity to tie or win the game. Elite qb’s or qb’s the Raiders gave up 2 high draft picks for are supposed to thrive in that moment rather than fold up once again in the clutch. I guess you aren’t old enough to know that. Qb’s like Ben, Rogers, and Brady win those type of games, qb’s that can’t get it done do just what Palmer did. The sad thing is I expected it to happen deep down for it has become a custom with him.

  • Bengals Fan

    Im going to say it truthfully amd you are not going to like it. Research the games Palmer has lost by throwing an interception in the last few minutes. Most interceptions are nothing but direct passes to the oposition. There is no team mate there. His interceptions are so bad that I am guessing, since he made a remark that he had plenty of money and sit out instead of playing for Cincinatti that he is getting paid to throw those games. Dont believe me? do your research on the games he lost in Cincinatti and see. Palmer is the black eye of the NFL and the raiders are going to find that out. I bet he mad quite a bit yesterday since the odds were that the Raiders beat the Bucks. More money coming his way. or should I say it, he thhrew another for the money. HA HA HA

  • Doug McGhee

    CP haters are idiots, any QB and I mean any QB forced to throw the ball 60 times a game will throw INT. This lands at the feet of the OLine and ultimatly the lack of any sembelance of a run game. Knapp and his stupid zbs must go. Willie Smith must go, and for goodness sakes, find a freakin’ run defense.

    CP threw that last INT because he was trying to win the game and the OLINE couldn’t protect him. If you want to blame some one blame them. They are terrible,

  • David Echard

    Carson Palmer apologists…this article is spot on. I believe the majority of you never have seen Palmer in a Bengals uniform. Palmer is not a winning QB. Never was and never will be. If you’re looking for a great Fantasy league Qb, Palmer is it. If your looking for a winner in the real NFL, look elsewhere.

  • Bengal Fan

    Just realized Palmer is planning a return trip to Cinci on Nov 25th. I cant wait to see the Jungle boo him. Palmer will wish he never showed up and his hatred for Cincinatti will be even greater when thery see the Bengals fans have turned their back on him with hatred. Just refresh your memory, the last year he was in Cincy, he lead the lead in pick sixes. Someone look at those videos and you will see, he had plenty of time to throw, the game was on the line and threw to an open defensive player and took it to the house. It was his way and telling the Bengals, he wanted to play elsewhere. Here the header on one article.

    Post-Game Open Thread: Two Carson Palmer Pick-Sixs Leads To Bengals 10th Straight Loss


    By Josh Kirkendall on Dec 12, 4:05p

    what a loser

  • tc-sting

    Yes, Palmer is to blame. We saw it in Cincy and we see it in Oakland. Palmer is more about managing his job security than his field capability.

    At the start of this season we saw a lot of short completions, which is great for accuracy stats and puffing up QB rating, but horrible for actual results when you are throwing three yards on a third and long. We saw this very thing in our first game against the chargers.

    Then yesterday we see a satisfied Palmer after multiple touchdown passes. Satisfied because even though Oakland lost, the loss couldn’t be solely pinned on Palmer, so no matter what he does (interceptions or not) he’s safe in the job. And that does not cut it for winning teams.

    QBs need to lead, not just get by with marginal QB rating. Palmer is happy to collect the paycheck and throw the ball around for stats, but these average stats do not amount to wins. Winning QBs adapt to the game in front of them. Sometimes that means no TDs via the arm, but all via the run. Sometimes that means, lots of throws. Sometimes that means risky throws outside the numbers and down the sidelines (not across your body up mid field and not throw behind the line of scrimmage when you need 8 yards). Always it means risking the QB rating for the sake of the team. This is something Palmer will not do. His QB rating is more important to him that the Raiders Win Loss record.

    Palmer should be fired.

  • Raider’s Fan

    He didn’t just blame this on Palmer. He rightly blamed the defense and Palmer — both were at fault for our loss. Palmer is what he has always been — brilliant at times, but can be relied on to make too many mistakes at the wrong time. This author is right that 2012 will be Palmer’s last as a Raider.