Jon Gruden To Light Al Davis Memorial Flame

Gotta give some proper respects to Mark Davis. Though he has no desire to even attempt to walk in iconic his father’s shoes he is certainly doing something his father must respect. Mark Davis is doing things his way. One such thing that Mark Davis is doing which his father never would have is burying the hatchet on some lingering issues that have circled the Raiders franchise for years now.

First Mark Davis welcomed Marcus Allen back into the fold of the Silver and Black by inviting the once banned running back to Oakland to light the Al Davis memorial flame. As we all know Mr. Davis and Allen were not on speaking terms no thanks to a long running beef.

Mark Davis put those demons to rest and now he’s out to exorcise another.

Today, Jon Gruden will ignite the Al Davis memorial flame prior to kickoff against the Saints. No need to explain why that is such a big deal. If you’re reading this blog then the horrors of Chucky are still fresh in your mind.

Once a beloved coach who was hand picked by Al Davis and his omniscient eye for talent, Gruden was the last coach to lead the Raiders to the Promised Land. He’s also the last coach to defeat the Raiders in said Promised Land.

While Raider Nation still has found feelings towards Gruden, Mr. Davis didn’t see things that way. None the less Mark Davis is again making good on some old grudges that have in many ways held this franchise back.  The notion certainly isn’t lost on this member of Raider Nation and it rings runs with countless others as well.

Now if only Chucky could exorcise the demons that are haunting the current coaching staff. Dennis Allen and his beleaguered offensive coordinator Greg Knapp could learn a thing or eight from Gruden about getting the most of the talent on their roster. But today is supposed to be about burying old beefs and not starting new ones so I’ll take it down a notch on that topic…for now.

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