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Rumor Control: Raiders Are Not Tanking For Move To L.A.

I don’t ever claim to be an insider. Just a dude with a serious Raider Jones and the knack for banging out thoughts on a keyboard.

That’s all. Nothing insider about that.

Sure, I get the occasional tip here or under the radar info there. Truth be told in most of those instances its coming from the great readers of JBB. A true community effort this is.

All that said I’m here to dispel a conspiracy theory that’s been floating around the paranoid outer regions of Raider Nation.

Again, I’ve got no connects on this one. Just sticking my neck out there in hopes of quieting some scandalous talks.

No, the 2012 Oakland Raiders are not throwing the season in hopes of moving to Los Angeles.

This team is just this bad right now. That’s all that is.

 Mark Davis didn’t break his silence in Al Davis fashion for the fun of it. He, like his father, has a special connection to the franchise and the city of Oakland. Pretty much every member of the Davis family feels connected to Raider Nation in some way so they feel the same pain we do.

No way would Mark Davis allow his team be this awful for the sake of netting new digs in a familiar location. We don’t fully know his ownership style just yet but I’m giving a 100% guarantee that’s not a play in his book.

The news of the Rose Bowl being voted on to expand from 12 to 25 events a year has begun to stoke a few previously cooling coals. This would mean the sacred grounds in Pasadena could be used to house a team in transition as the NFL returns to its biggest missing market.

Naturally anytime there is talk of the NFL returning to Los Angeles the Raiders come up in conversation.

Some are so disgusted with what we’ve been seeing on Sundays that it might be more tolerable to pass off the Raiders poor play as intentional. That too is impossible. This team might not be playing with much pride these days but no professional would ever roll over so the men at the top can get richer. As we know there isn’t one man whose job is safe once this season ends. So intentional tanking is a great way to get a pink slip. Who wants that?

What is a safe bet is putting your money on the Silver and Black staying in the East Bay…for now at least. Again like his father, Mark Davis will certainly always do what is in the very best interest of the franchise. No secret that the Raiders are due a stadium overhaul and Davis has not hidden his desire to remain in Oakland with one eye always open for potential opportunities. That doesn’t mean he’d let his team lose for the sake of profit though. Times are bad but winning is and always will be the only thing that matters to Davis. And as the saying goes, you can’t win for losing.

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