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Time To See What Terrelle Pryor Can Do

Dennis Allen isn’t fooling anybody by keeping Carson Palmer under center. The rookie head coach might want to win but at this point it is more than obvious that with Palmer calling signals the Raiders are no closer to victory than O.J. Simpson is to sainthood. We’ve had more than enough of a sampling size to fully comprehend how impossible it is to win with Palmer making critical errors in crucial moments.

The official verdict on the Palmer trade is in and Hue Jackson’s dealings have sentenced the Raiders to the death penalty.

The time has come to move on. With three games left, no chance of salvaging another lost season and plenty of question marks going forward Coach Allen has owes it to himself to see what Terrelle Pryor can do.

For the last three weeks we’ve heard talk of Allen getting Pryor in the mix. To date the second year rookie has yet to step on the field. That is going to change in the near future unless Allen and Reggie McKenzie plan on shelving Pryor the same way they’ve parked Taiwan Jones.

Again, Oakland is going nowhere with Palmer. It is highly doubtful that Pryor’s presence will make much of a difference. But at this point it would be pointless to act as if Pryor has no value.

Palmer’s value can’t get much lower. Since arriving in Oakland the Raiders have gone from playoff contenders to vying for the top pick in the draft. Can things be any worse under Pryor? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Allen has said he’s not planning on benching Palmer. That’s fine and all but what does that mean exactly? Are we looking at QB shuffling? Specialty packages for Pryor?

Palmer hasn’t been awful but he’s been far from franchise material. To be fair Pryor didn’t show anything in the preseason to make you believe he can carry an NFL team to the Promised Land. But what Pryor can and did do in his limited preseason action is make plays. For an offense that has turned Darren McFadden into a middle of the road runner you could argue the time is well past due for Pryor to be involved somehow.

But this is where we stand, Nation. Once again rooting for something, anything to inspire us. If Pryor proves to be just that spark then Coach Allen will have to answer another tough question: what took so damned long?

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  • Ruth Lange

    Lot more of blame goes to other than Palmer .Dropped balls costly penalties and lousy coaching This week was the 1st I / on the same page or consistant maybe next year… Been hoping and saying this for about 10 years now and lost count of how many differetn coaches have came & went . we need a good Q/B better put that on the Top of the draft list.

  • SouthCentralRaider

    This is the same exact shit I was talking about. Basically, Allen is saying he don’t want to be proven wrong, but then again, if you sit someone for a long time, they’ll eventually get rusty, then of course they’ll fuck up thus, proving an illegitimate point. I hope Pryor plays his ass off when he’s up, because everybody’s(including our own Raider Nation) expecting him to fail so they can have something to talk about. I’d rather have a quarterback that can make plays than one that makes personal stats, but can’t make a play in the clutch any day. And also, am I trippin, or has damn near everybody(including mid-season picks) else on the roster this season played except Terrelle Pryor so far? Can somebody please answer that question for me?

  • M42

    Tom Brady couldn’t function with Oakland’s players, offense and coaching staff. Palmer is not to blame. Why does everybody think a practice squad quarterback, who has demonstrated zero skills and talent, will succeed when an experienced and talented qb can’t?

    Has anybody actually watched the Raiders play? They have receivers who can’t run routes, who are most always out of position and who drop balls laid right in their hands. And you want to blame Palmer for that? Not to mention the lame play calling where Knapp calls a running play up the middle on 3rd and 18.

    Let’s look at the truth about Pryor once and for all. He was kicked out of college and nobody, read – nobody expressed any interest in him except for crazy Al Davis, who gave up a third round pick for this bozo. He is just another one of Davis’ wasted draft picks and should be sent packing along the McLame.