Nov 11, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Jason Tarver Deserves Another Season, Greg Knapp…Not So Much

Let’s just make this simple without getting too analytical.

Let’s say I had two houses I was renting out to two friends. One of those houses was already furnished, already had all the utilities activated and also happened to have a valuable piece of art hanging in one of the rooms. Then let’s say the other house was an absolute mess. Nothing works, there isn’t a single piece of furniture in the home and it’s going to be condemned unless something is done.

So I decide to let my homies crash at each of these places for a year until they get back on their feet only asking that they either maintain or improve the respective properties.

Let’s say at the end of the year I finally go and check in on both of them. Now my boy who got the dump of a home hasn’t done much to make it better. Sure, he’s cleaned up a little and even got the water running and has a few lawn chairs posing as living room furniture with an air mattress in the bedroom. But overall the house isn’t much better but at least I didn’t show up to find out that the city has run red tape around the building. He didn’t have much to work with to begin with but at least he respected the home I let him live in and did make an effort to improve it.

Now my other friend is a different story. I show up at his ready-made house only to discover he’s turned it into a dump. Nothing seems to work like it used to, the place is a mess and he’s trying to tell me he needs more time to get the place in order when his year of leasing ended a month ago. Worst of all is that once valued piece of art isn’t even hanging on the wall any longer. It’s got a hole in it as he decided to turn it into a dinner table.

That’s about the only way I can properly describe what has happened to the offense and defense of the Oakland Raiders this season on the watch of Greg Knapp and Jason Tarver respectively. In my little scenario Tarver is the guy who took over the flophouse and at least attempted to make it livable whereas Knapp is the slob that ruined a nice home and destroyed a valued work of art (Darren McFadden).

So I ask you, all things considered, which of these two are you likely to ever rent to again?

I hope Reggie McKenzie takes my little analogy into consideration.

That is all.

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