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NFL Enables Childish Nature Of Cam Newton

Yeah, I know the headline alone makes me look like a bitter member of Raider Nation having watched my beloved team lose to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

For the record I show respect when it’s due.

Respect to the Panthers for being the better team today. They deserved the win. And despite the incendiary headline of this post I do respect Cam Newton’s game. His talent is real.

However if you want a snapshot of everything that is wrong with the NFL the do yourself a favor and watch pro football’s biggest brat play every week. What I saw from Newton today was an absolute insult to the sacrifice every man in the NFL makes on a weekly basis.

Newton has clearly been enabled by a contingency of yes men during the course of his football career. He has all the tact of a three year old who doesn’t want to share his toy car with the other kids.

Today Newton exposed the NFL and its protect-the-star-QB at all costs policies.

On two separate occasions today Newton committed acts that 99.99% of NFL players would have been ejected for. In one instance he kicked Tommy Kelly and in another he bumped an official.

What provoked Cam to act in such a manner?

Well, simply put, he was sacked. That is all. Nobody spit in his face. Nobody poked him in the eye. Newton was hit hard and likely heard a few unsavory insults hurled his way. That’s about it. It’s about what every other NFL QB deals with on a weekly basis.

So is the NFL saying it’s OK for a star QB to violate very clearly written rules if he sees fit? That would seem to be the message.

Never mind what provoked Cam to act in such childish fashion. This isn’t a court trial. If you kick another player or bump an official then its time to go. See ya!

Not the case for Newton and his false sense of self-entitlement.

As if it weren’t bad enough Newton has a stable of enablers on the payroll he also has the league office giving him the green light to be a diva.

And for good measure Cam managed to sulk his way through a win too. Stay classy, Cam. You do realize you haven’t proven anything in this league right? Oh sure, stats are nice and all but wins are what truly matters. Another season of losing football and Newton will find himself with one foot in the league and another in the JaMarcus Russell pile. Good luck with that, Panthers fans.

Yeah, I might sound like a bitter fan but I’ve never taken a moment of my time to write a diatribe like this after a loss. Go ahead. Dig through everything I’ve written over the years on this blog. All I can say is that players like Newton who are being given a pass for immature behavior is exactly why we see so many negative occurrences both on and off the field in the NFL.

Congrats, Goodell. This is the star driven league you envisioned. Whiny superstars with an inflated sense of self. What great role models you’ve developed.

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