Blame Reggie McKenzie, Dennis Allen Not Greg Knapp

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That didn’t happen in Oakland this season and the biggest reason for it was a stubborn belief that the coaches knew best despite what the stats revealed.

On the season the Raiders scored just three rushing touchdowns. The red zone offense was anemic and the passing game was comprised of check downs and failed screens.

Knapp’s offense was a failure on all fronts. This cannot be argued and asking for more “patience” was an insult.

McKenzie and Allen, like all of us in life, made some serious mistakes this year. Going forward it will be on McKenzie to be more involved with his coaching staff. How Knapp’s previous failures in Oakland went ignored prior to his hiring is incomprehensible.  Why McKenzie sat back and watched as the offense stalled week after week is shameful.

For Allen he too needs to learn to seek council when it comes to hiring his staff. Scrapping every element of an offense that was among the best in the NFL was foolish, ill-advised and ultimately proved costly. Oakland’s defense was never going to be a dominant unit this season so the offense had to take the lead. That did not happen and as a result the season was lost.

There is plenty of blame to be shared for this debacle not the least of which was ignoring the pleas of the fans. After two weeks it was impossible to ignore just how incompetent Knapp’s offense was. Yet he was given a pass each week without any fear of losing his job. Knapp got comfortable and started talking as if he was going to be around long enough to get his scheme working.

Whoever comes in next will inherit plenty of talent. The real question is will the Oakland brass be willing to admit that not everything done differently means its being done better. We’ve got McKenzie’s back but the patience of Raider Nation was really tested this season.

In the NFL there is no guarantee of tomorrow. McKenzie and Allen took this season as on-the-job training. Well, the training wheels are off and from here out it’s a day-to-day evaluation. Another uninspired round of hires combined with a lack of urgency during the next regular season will lead to the exact same results. There is no shame in being wrong but there is plenty of shame to found when one cannot admit failures. McKenzie and Allen wanted so badly to prove they were right that they allowed Knapp’s shortcoming to sabotage an entire season. This cannot happen again.

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