Tim Brown Becoming Jose Canseco Of Raiders

Tim Brown is without question of the greatest to ever wear a Silver and Black shirt on Sundays. He’s among the best to ever play his position in the history of the game. And one day when the voters come to their senses he’ll be welcomed into Canton. But none of that seems to appease Brown who in his retirement has slowly begun to wander down the Jose Canseco path.

Seems that Brown is always looking for ways to remain relevant by making outlandish statements which can never be corroborated. Just a couple of years ago Brown suggested that Al Davis despised black athletes from Notre Dame. Never mind that Brown won a Heisman at Notre Dame before Davis drafted him into the Raiders fraternity. In that instance it looked very much like Brown was just seeking out attention.

Now Brown has gone to even greater lengths to keep his name in the news by more or less claiming Bill Callahan sabotaged the Chucky Bowl out of pure spite. Never mind that hardly anyone on that team has stepped up to back Brown. Just another way for Brown to steal the show just as his name comes up again on the Hall ballot.

Before we go any further let’s first get into this nothing of a story surrounding Callahan.

Without giving this too much thought, here is a simple way to look at this whole situation. Callahan was a horrible head coach. Whatever decisions he made leading up to and during that horrific Super Bowl were the result of pure incompetence. That is all. Nothing to see here. Please move on.

It’s not a secret that Brown has long since desired a career in broadcasting. So it should come as now surprise that every chance he gets Time Brown is saying something to stir the pot. What Brown fails to comprehend is that there is a big difference between being outspoken and delusional. Brown is the latter.

Saying things that are controversial and untrue is not a good way to showcase yourself as either a potential talking head for ESPN nor is it befitting of a future Hall of Famer. Whatever attention Brown gets in the week leading up to the NFL’s big game will soon be forgotten like so many stories of fake girl friends online. That’s what Brown really fails to comprehend – the length of today’s news cycle.

After the dust settles his bold claim of “Super Bowl Sabotage” will be lost in the shuffle and all that will remain is the afterthought of Brown being a delusional former All-Pro who misses the spotlight. How very Canseco of him? One big difference though. Some of Canseco’s crazy claims have sine been proven correct. Brown’s will likely never become the stuff of earth shattering legend. Even then Canseco has long since been forgotten by the sports world having been written off as bitter and delusional. Something tells me that this is not the type of attention he wants but it’s exactly what will happen if Brown doesn’t learn to keep his crazy theories to himself.

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  • Jimmy Conway

    this article was written by a horses ass

  • http://twitter.com/mondera1 Jonathan Echols

    I think you need to find a new career,trying to discredit Tim Brown does not make up the fact that something just dont add up. Besides almost everything Jose said came to light except the statements about the owners and how they had to know about steriod use. F.Y.I no one sinks millions into players without knowing exactly whats in there blood stream. Redsox had Mo Vaugn followed and investigated, Tim blew the whisle…..Callahan did something and the prick doesn’t deserve to coach another team. Instead of looking down on Tim, how about look further into Callahan. The Raiders was amazing that year, but that game had us stratching our heads. When this story broke its like all the pieces came together.