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New Tom Brady Deal Puts More Pressure On Carson Palmer

We all know that Reggie McKenzie has no desire to pay $13-million for a past-his-prime quarterback that looks likely to be entering his final year as an NFL starter. Carson Palmer’s contract is the elephant in the room everyone sees yet nobody within the Oakland organization is commenting on.

Already there was pressure on Palmer to restructure his contract when Michael Vick took a pay cut just to remain in Philly for another year. Now comes even more contractual encouragement as NFL golden boy Tom Brady has signed a cash saving extension that will open up millions for the Pats in cap space going forward.

Now don’t be fooled by the move. Brady is still going get his pay day. On paper he’s saving face and some cap space but ultimately he’ll still be clocking major coin. Just call it creative accounting.

However this is yet another move that puts Palmer’s lucrative deal in perspective. You could argue that Brady has enough money to last him a lifetime. But that has nothing to do making a move that helps the team. At this point Palmer is at the crossroads. His days as a starter could be over if the Raiders decide to release him. Certainly his days of earning eight figures have ended. You can take that to the bank.

Whether or not Palmer opts to restructure his deal is irrelevant. No matter what his pay is getting slashed. What he has to decide is whether or not he wants to play for less is Oakland or elsewhere.

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  • Theron Cole

    I’m an everyday reader of this site,I have the app on my phone.I really love most of the articles and how its consistently updated I love the Raiders and cheer for them every Sunday passionately,and watch every game.I can’t help but notice how many negative articles there are here though about our QB Carson Palmer.DO WE REALLY THINK WE SHOULD START PRYOR!?That’s just utter nonsense,great we to go 2-14!Let’s look at the facts,Only 2 Raiders QB’s have ever surpassed 4,000 yards in one season correct?1.Rich Gannon.2.Carson Mother lovin’ Palmer.QB Palmer has the longest franchise streak of 200 or more yard games.How many Clutch Moments has Palmer helped us win?Remember last year against Kansas City,Palmer clutch bomb to Moore to force OT,and then…Palmer again clutch bomb to Moore to win it.4,000 yards is an amazing feat without A real #1 receiver.It seems like you guys are blaming Carson when Darius Heyward-Bey AKA Drops Hella Balls drop an excellent throw.Palmer is the only thing that made the Raiders exciting this year.Its not his fault the WR’s can’t catch 58% of the time,its not his fault the line let him get sacked 26 times,its not his fault the defence gives up A touchdown on every outing(No NFL quarterback needs to play catch-up every drive).Is Terrell Pryor the solution?No.I watched him in the preseason,in Weeks 15,16,17.He’s scared inaccurate throw’s too akward,looks interception prone,makes bad decisions think about the end of the first half not going out of bounds yeah,smooth.Palmer is the best man to stick his fingers into hand warmers since Rich Gannon and I can’t stand these doubters.I hope we keep him.And Pryor can sit back on the bench and again feast his eyes on A real NFL quarterback,not just A quick backup.