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Andy Reid Goes Hue Jackson In Trading For Alex Smith

What is it about halfway decent quarterbacks that makes otherwise smart men lose their common sense? Like an astrophysicist in a strip club, all the smarts go out the window the second a pair of knockers is exposed even if said knockers are sagging across the ground like a snowplow through Alaskan slush.

That’s about the only way I can describe my thoughts this morning when hearing Jay Glazer break the news that Andy Reid’s first move as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs was to trade for Alex Smith. In a mini Hue Jackson moment of madness Reid panicked when he realized Matt Cassel was his starting QB and coughed up two pretty valuable draft picks for a pretty pedestrian QB.

Yes, I’m fully aware that Reid didn’t go full Hue and mortgage the draft future of the franchise as Jackson did when he panicked and ponied up for Carson Palmer.

And yes I’m also knowing that Reid has worked wonders with many a middle-of-the-road quarterback in his day. Let’s not forget it was Reid who made the Arizona Cardinals pull a similar move of desperation as Ken Whisenhunt whizzed his pants in the ill-fated Kevin Kolb catastrophe.

But ultimately Reid’s decision will end the same way every other desperate QB trade ends – with his job listed as available two years from now.

Smith definitely gets credit for sticking in a league where guys like him normally go bust. Instead Smith fought the good fight by doing whatever it took to keep those NFL checks coming. He soon became a game manager of the highest level on Jim Harbaugh’s watch before he watched his job get snatched up by Colin Kaepernick.

Yes, Smith will benefit from the tutelage of Reid.

Yes, Smith is an upgrade over Cassel.

And yes if Smith were that good the 9ers wouldn’t have drafted Kaepernick in the first place.

Face it, Andy Reid, you just pulled a classic AFC West rookie mistake. Same as Josh McDaniels. Same as Hue Jackson. You should have gone to San Diego, Andy.

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