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Raiders Considering Kevin Kolb

Reggie McKenzie’s rebuild is looking more and more like a demolition. Understandably changes needed to be made in order for the Raiders to simply remain in business in the football sense. Every team is required to be in cap compliance as there is no means of exceeding the salary threshold such as the NBA allows.

With that said many of the moves the Raiders have made this offseason and in the first year under McKenzie have been of the WTF variety.

So hearing Kevin Kolb could be Oakland’s Plan C is about in step with what we have come to expect. If reducing Caron Palmer’s salary and trading for Matt Flynn doesn’t happen then Kolb could be the next option according to reports.

Pardon me while I swallow the vomit that bubbled up from my gut.

Kolb was released by the Arizona Cardinals this offseason as he predictably failed to live up to the ridiculous contract he signed just a couple years ago. Should the Raiders give Kolb another chance as an NFL starter it would surely signal another season of discontent.

Kolb did little to validate himself as an NFL starter while with the Philadelphia Eagles. But NFL teams are desperate for franchise quarterbacks so anyone that even briefly looks like one will get consideration as such. Kolb fooled the Cardinals and if things fall apart in the Flynn deal then he’ll get another chance to fool another franchise this time at deeply discounted rate at least.

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