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Reggie McKenzie Should Move On From Matt Flynn

So let me get this straight.

The Oakland Raiders are attempting to trade for Matt Flynn in the event Carson Palmer stays the course in refusing to take a pay cut. But the only way the Raiders can complete the trade for Flynn is if he too takes a pay cut.

Meanwhile Reggie McKenzie values draft picks yet he’s willing to part with more precious picks in order to acquire Flynn who might be the poor man’s Kevin Kolb. Oh, and for good measure the Raiders are interested in signing Kolb if the Flynn deal falls through.

No matter what this team isn’t going to be contending for anything more than another top 10 draft pick in 2013. So why give up valuable picks while trying to force another QB to reduce his salary if the end result is going to be another season of discontent?

The logic here just doesn’t make sense.

From where I sit I see every reason reason for the Raiders to roll the dice on Terrelle Pryor next season. I highly doubt Flynn is going to become the next Rich Gannon and we already know what the Palmer era is all about. As for Kolb…yeah…

Trading for Flynn only makes sense if McKenzie is giving up a 7th round pick. Anything else is a waste as he’s not going to be the player necessary to get this franchise back on track. Of course nobody thought Gannon was going to be that guy either so who really knows.

What I do know is asking Flynn to take a pay cut before he takes a snap in silver and black is just foolish. Sure, Flynn wants to be a starter so he should do whatever it takes to get the opportunity. But if McKenzie is really trying to rebuild then he should just let Pryor play and be prepared for whatever comes with that. Flynn isn’t worth the trouble and Raider Nation isn’t exactly excited about anything that has happened this offseason.

Just do us all a favor McKenzie and save your picks for players with potential instead pursuing players with failed promise.

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  • Josue Cruz


  • Tony Torres

    Good Article. Next season is indeed going to be a dumpster fire so lets just roll with Pryor and keep our picks. At the very least, Pryor will be exciting to watch.

  • Michael Verweyst

    You know who has the Packer’s “Most yards in a game”, and “Most TDs in a game” record?
    Hints: It ain’t Favre, it ain’t Rodgers and it ain’t Kolb.

  • jeff yaws

    matt flynn is a good QB,..and mckenzie is doin the best he can with this monetary debacle left in the wake of davis and hir jackson,..give the man a chance to right the ship,..three years, effin patient and have faith in mckenzie,..pryor is athletic but he is NOT a good passing QB,..get flynn,..get rid of douchebag palmer and draft sheriff floyd,..but most of all GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE AND BE PATIENT NATION!!!

  • Chris Gill

    And how do you know he is a good qb he only played 1 time and pryor did just fine in his start matt did great vs a bad team and everyone got hyped rm is trying to bring in too many packer players that we dont need we are the raiders!!!

  • Ricky Bobby

    We want Pryor!!

  • jeff yaws

    2011 flynn came in for an injured rodgers threw 6 TDS & 2 INTS and green bay didnt miss a step,..since 2008 in very limited action he has over 1000 yrds 9 tds and 5 ints,..with playing time and experience he can cut down on the ints,..pryor would be another ‘read option’ qb and Dc’s are eventually very soon guna figure out how to defend that stupid read option offense and pryor will become obsolete,..flynn has huge potential,..and to be succesful in the NFL you need QBS like luck, manning, brady, rodgers, and flacco,..kaepernick, seattles russel, and that type of qb will be figured out soon although i do believe russel is the real deal as far as a passer,..the days read option wil soon come to an end

  • Daniel A Martinez

    TP6 has played all of one game and he was something like 13 for 28. That’s not going to get it done. Sure he is mobile and exciting, but as a passer, he doesn’t cut it. We need a legit QB on our roster. Having said that, Pryor should be allowed to compete for the starting job, but to “roll the dice” on someone who is clearly not ready to start in the NFL would be irresponsible.

  • Daniel A Martinez

    Pryor did not do good in his one game. Completing 13-28 passes is garbage.

  • Daniel A Martinez

    Although I agree that traditional QBs are still the safest bet, the new read option is likely here to stay. QBs are more athletic than ever, and offensive schemes are more creative than ever. Even so, Pryor is not anywhere near the level of Wilson and Kaepernick. No way we should the offense be tailored to suit the skills set of an unproven player.

  • Cetswayo Dawson


  • Cetswayo Dawson

    He had one week of practice and split the reps with Leinert – still managed three TD’s. Many of the 13 for 28 you mentioned were flat out drops by the WR’s. He may not be the guy, but he deserves a good long look.

  • Kryven

    Reggie is a one trick pony, all he does is grab Packer rejects im getting sick of it Flynn with do nothing but cost us draft picks let Pryor play this year cut Palmer get a decent QB next year if Pryor cant handle it.

  • Julio Echeverria

    Why is everyone against giving TP3 competition at the position? If we would’ve signed Flynn last year this article would’ve been way different. Flynn is as unproven as TP3, so they both have something to prove. Ya RM missed with the CB position last year, but he struck gold with Wheeler, Burris even Bryant. We only saw a “meh” start from TP3 but we’re so used to misery that everyone thinks he’s RG3. IF this happens, the team will be better for it. Not having CP3 throwing int’s, having two unproven young QB’s with something to prove duke it out in training camp is most definitely an upgrade anyway you shake it. I don’t care how much you want TP3 to be your best budd.

  • DF Rellom

    Come on guys. You are all judging pryor from one game. It took wilson a few games/wins and kaepernick a good few games with an already stout offense to get into peoples heads that they were for real. I’d say just hand the ball over to pryor and draft a qb in the late rounds or an undrafted qb. Lets face it, the modern qb needs to be more athletic (by that, i mean mobile), players are a whole lot faster than they were 10 years ago. Once in a while you’ll come about a great solid pocket passer, but thats rare

  • Josh Hibbard

    If they we’re going to start Pryor they would have already. They clearly do not believe in him.

  • Chris Gill

    Scored 3 tds lost because of def’s he does not need to throw for a butt load of yards

  • Chris Gill

    Once again what team did he do that to a very bad team and its not like the packers didnt have one of the top rated passing games flynn couldnt do that with the raiders

  • Chris Gill

    Thank you we lost because of our def

  • Chris Gill

    And bryant came from.good ol al but ur right about the other 2

  • jeff yaws

    flynn threw 3 TDS against new england in his first career start THEN in his 2nd start against the lions flynn threw for,..are you ready?,..480 yrds and SIX,..yes i said SIX TDS in that game,..thats 9 TDS in two games,..AND in that game flynn broke and holds green bays ALL TIME SINGLE GAME RECORD TDS,..yeah,..ill give a guy like that a chance all day long

  • Chris Gill

    Yeah u have it wrong the lions game was 1st and he didn’t start that game came in after AR got hurt Carson could of thrown for more yards and like5 tds on the lions they were so bad that yr “come”

  • Chris Gill

    Guess what team and yr he threw that on man
    Hints: it was not a team with a winning record or even a good team that year