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Guaranteed Money Makes Matt Flynn Favorite To Earn Staring Job

It took the Oakland Raiders a good four days to get a deal done to bring Matt Flynn to the Bay. It took Dennis Allen only a few hours to remind everyone Flynn is still competing with Terrelle Pryor for the starting gig. However a PFT report might indicate exactly how the Raiders feel about Flynn.

The report claims the Raiders upped the amount of guaranteed money coming Flynn’s way from $2-million to $6.5-million. That means even if Flynn is carrying a clipboard he’ll earn considerably more cash than whoever is staring ahead of him.

It also means Reggie McKenzie has a lot more faith in Flynn than he does in Pryor. But that’s nothing new. The fact the Flynn is in Oakland reveals much of how the franchise feels about Al Davis’ final gift to the Raiders.

Pryor impressed in his only career start but hasn’t nearly put up the numbers Flynn did in the two starts of his career. Of course McKenzie is taking the cautious approach in public by saying Flynn still has much to prove. Apparently he’s proven enough to have a fully guaranteed salary in 2013.

Some have rolled out the Rich Gannon comparisons when discussing Flynn. That remains to be seen. What we know for sure is the Raiders are rolling the dice on an unproven commodity. Should Flynn succeed this deal will look like a steal, if he falters this will become another setback on the rebuilding quest.

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  • Alan C Brown

    Watch Flynn play at LSU. LSU uses pro set formation, passing schemes and plays. Flynn ran everything perfect. Flynn’s accuracy and timing on passing plays is extremely precise. He did not throw a lot of long passes (40 yd. ++) but his passes were all over the field in the short and medium range. Flynn would often get on a hot streak and complete 10 or 12 passes in a row without an incompletion or throw away in most games. Flynn ran the ball, upright like a full back, tough guy style at LSU – playing at Green Bay stopped this nonsense.