The Failed First Round Picks Of The Raiders

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2004 – Robert Gallery, T, Iowa (2nd overall)

Next Pick: WR Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona 3rd overall)

Comments: Yeah…this was truly the beginning of the end. Gallery was supposed to be the safest bet in the draft. While he did become a bruising guard that opened gaping holes in the run game that’s not what you expect from a guy selected as a franchise left tackle. See Fitzgerald ball in Arizona hasn’t helped either but that really doesn’t matter since he wouldn’t have had a quality QB in Oakland either.

2005 – Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska (23rd overall)

Next Pick: QB Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay 24th overall)

Comments: Notice a pattern here? Yet another DB as Davis began his collection of the fastest 40 times run at the combine. Washington was actually a quality corner but it’s impossible to ignore what could have been had the Raiders grabbed Fitzgerald in ’04 then followed that with Rodgers in ’05. Sigh…

2006 – Michael Huff, S, Texas (7th overall)

Next Pick – S Donte Whitner (Buffalo 8th overall)

Comments: Yep…it’s not Groundhog Day. It’s another DB in the first round. Huff never lived up to his draft status. To his credit he was a hard worker that did whatever the coaches asked of him and Huff had more coaches in Oakland than JaMarcus Russell had sizzurp in Alabama. Funny thing is one draft day the Bills looked like fools for taking Whitner. While he hasn’t become an All-Pro Whitner has played for some quality defenses over the years.

2007 – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU (1st overall)

Next Pick – WR Calvin Johnson (Detroit 2nd overall)

Comments: Do I really need to say anything here?

2008 – Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas (4th overall)

Next Pick – DT Glenn Dorsey (Kansas City 5th overall)

Comments: McFadden is still on the roster so that’s saying something. He’s also one of football’s best weapons both when he’s healthy and when his talents are properly utilized. To date those starts just haven’t aligned and there is a lot of doubt that they ever will.

2009 – Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland (8th overall)

Next Pick – T Eugene Monroe (Jacksonville 9th overall)

Comments: Yet another stopwatch dandy for Davis who selected the fastest player at the combine…again. Everyone should have seen this one coming yet it was still a shock on draft day. DHB was on scholarship, got off to a very slow start but showed promise by his third season. Now he’s gone as his career will forever be linked to Michael Crabtree taken 10th overall in the same draft.

2010 – Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama (8th overall)

Next Pick: RB C.J. Spiller (Buffalo 9th overall)

Comments: McClain was the last first round pick the Raiders have had in two years. He’s hopefully also the last top 10 bust we’ll have to discuss. His attitude, poor play and the team’s enabling combined for a toxic recipe.

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