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Oakland Raiders: #1 Fans On Any List

Greetings Raider Nation,

I just finished reading an article that was titles “5 Cities that Don’t Deserve Their Franchise” by Chris Furry. Needless to say, this article labeled Oakland, California (specifically the Oakland Raiders) as the number one city on the list. Are you kidding me Chris? His only foundation for his list was poor decisions from the front office creating absenteeism or non-sellout at the Coliseum. Really? That’s it?


The Raiders fan base is the most loyal fan base in the NFL and maybe even pro sports. The Raider fans will defend their team against any and all Raider haters out there. The one thing that Raider fans have no problem with is speaking their minds. When Al Davis would do something crazy like hire 7 coaches in 8 years, we, the Raider Nation had to defend why he did it. Pick a kicker in the FIRST round of the NFL draft, man that was a tough one to defend. Pay players like Tommy Kelly and Stanford Routt INSANE contracts. We as fans have had it rough.


During these last few years, Al Davis has put us so far into a hole, that Raider fans are still seeing red. Raider fans, like all fans of sport, are not going to put out $50-80 of hard earned cash per game if the product on the field is crap. We are fans, not a bunch of window lickers like my pit bull. Every year, Raiders fan are the most hopeful fans in the NFL. Every year is “our year”. We made it through the Russel years and all the other BS! Now it’s a new day, a new mission, a new franchise.


If Reggie builds it, they will come! Go Raiders.


Greg Simon

Staff Writer JBB        


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  • jeff yaws

    dude thos “writers” (and i use that word lightly are always pushin their dumb ass biased opinions just to start an uproar, of their “writers” eric he argued with me that last year was greg knapps only tenure in silver and black and when i proved him wrong he deleted his comments

    goldenshower sports or whatever that shit site is called

    they say that their columns are based on facts

    fact is: THE RAIDER NATION is full on global and the most storied and recognized sports franchise in history
    followed by fans all over the world

  • Greg Simon

    He pissed off a lot of people Jeff. That’s why I felt I needed to speak up a bit.

  • goldenbaysports


    Why do you feel the need to keep coming after us? We were wrong about Knapp, it was a mistake, and the article was fixed as soon as you brought it up. What else do you want to hear?

    I would also like to see you defend that fact. “Followed by fans all over the world.” Prove it.

  • Chris Furry

    Excuse me sir, but the fact remains that real fans DO attend their teams home games winning or not. In 2010, after 5 CRAPPY years of Alex Smith frustration the 49ers went 6-10, Their attendance was 99.3%. The Raiders who broke even at 8-8 could barely manage to fill 73% of their seats. In 2002 you made a run to the SUPER BOWL and still only barely made the top 10 in attendance! Say what you will but real fans dont just wear jerseys and hats. They don’t just give their team lip service, they show up, they cheer, they live and die on every play. Numbers don’t lie, you SAY you have the largest most loyal fanbase in all of sports, but face facts, you don’t live up to the hype. No matter how many opposing teams fans you stab in the stands.

  • goldenbaysports


    Thanks for writing this rebuttal. I enjoyed reading what a Raider fan had to say.

    Raiders fans are fiercely loyal, but I would like to see that loyalty transfer to the stadium. The Raiders have consistently ranked in the bottom rung of attendance in the league. If you are indeed fiercely loyal, you can surely afford to buy tickets.

  • Chris Furry

    Actually the New York Yankees would take the title of most storied and recognized franchise in all of sports history. Read a book.

  • jeff yaws

    lol dude i dont want to hear or read anything more from you guys

    i get my legit sports info from legit unbiased sources

    ive said all i needed to say

    the best advice you have given was “if i dont like it then dont click on it”

    and thats exacy how im going to save braincells

    have a great day

  • jeff yaws

    its all good, i wont read their crap anymore lol its uniformitive garbage

  • Chris Furry

    Legit UNBIASED sources like a RAIDERS BLOG??? Good call, Bro.

  • goldenbaysports

    See ya! Learn how to spell as well.

  • Greg Simon

    Your right. 5 years of frustration vs two decades. 9er fans sure have suffered. Ha ha.

  • Chris Furry

    Again YOUR OWNERSHIP KILLED YOUR TEAM. I’m pretty sure I said that in the article and you repeated it in yours.

  • Guest


  • Chris Schroeder


  • Chris Schroeder

    Raider haters squinting their eyebrows and grinding their teeth at a chance to throw stones at the Raider fan base because they don’t sellout every seat of every game. The diehard OF diehards of the raider nation in fact coined the term “nation” amongst the loyal disciples of the black hole. This clown dares to have the audacity to tarnish the good name of the legendary Al Davis and what he has brought to the world of football. I said it… If you criticize Raider nation then you criticize one of the greatest legends of the game of football, our founding father “Al Davis”. For what he has done, and has brought to two entire regions making up most of California’s population. To think he does not have one of the most loyal fan bases is not only ridiculous but absurd. Raider nation should not be answering to peon sportswriters with tiny windows to look out of. We know who we are, and we know we will rise to greatness again. Then the talking heads/media will jump on board just like they do with all the other front-running teams.

    On behalf of a true fan base to the fair weather sportswriters. Stfu!!!

  • Raider Nation Down Under


    Just to back Jeff up about the comment “Followed by fans all over the world” I am proof we do exist.
    I am from Australia and visit the states once a year to watch the silver and black play a home game (IN THE BLACK HOLE) and an away game so Jeff we are world wide RAIDER NATION WORLD WIDE!

  • goldenbaysports

    Awesome to hear, glad you go to such lengths to watch a game!

  • Raider Grant

    Long Live The Nation….”Raider Nation” ! Raider Grant

  • Richard

    Coming straight from the horses ass. Bias would be claiming a team with a better attendance than the Dolphins, Bucs or Jags but more championships and better merchandise sales to be in an undeserving city.

  • Justin Houska

    Telling somebody to learn to spell is the first sign u lost a debate. This is à football article not highschool english

  • Chris Furry

    Al Davis almost killed your team. Taking them from Oakland to LA and back was wasteful, and stupid. They left the Colliseum to go play terrible football in So Cal, and then came back to the Colliseum to play terrible football here. The closest you came to a return to glory was in 2002 whenyou made a SB run and got trounced by the Buccaneers. You say Raiders fans are loyal? Then buy a damn ticket.

  • Chris Furry

    Also when did I ever say the Raiders need to go away? I said OAKLAND DOESN’T DESERVE THEM. They would be better off in a larger market that is hungry to have football again. They should go to LA, in a new stadium which Oakland can’t or won’t provide, and they may have some success. If the hardcore Black Hole fans are true, they’ll show too.

  • norcalruckus

    In 2010, the whiners did not put more fans in the seats than the Oakland Raiders. Perhaps you did not watch games from both teams that year, or remember comments from the media that even though whiners games had been “sold out” for a while due to corporate ticket owners, no one was actually going to the games in frisco.

    A quick look at the stands proved it. Please go and look at NFL replays from 2010 and you shall see. And acting like 2003-2010 is only five years of crappy seasons for the whiners is either blind or an outright lie. Please do better reporting because your last story was not factual and extremely biased.

  • Lamont Brown

    Terrible football in SoCal? Didn’t we win a Super Bowl in SoCal? Just wondering, I could be wrong, but living in SoCal I seem to remember winning a Super Bowl in 83 84. I also remember only having 3 losing seasons during our L.A. stay. I don’t know correct me if I’m wrong.

  • goldenbaysports

    Since when was this a debate? Just having a little fun with these blindly loyal fans who only see things one way.

  • The Autumn Wind

    LOVE THIS GUY! So true China, UK, Australia, there’s no denying our fanbase!

  • The Autumn Wind

    Way to be professional. It’s ok to debate but its not ok to be sore about it win or lose. You speak for Goldenbaysports. ACT LIKE IT!

  • goldenbaysports

    Since when was this a debate, and when did I win or lose?

  • The Autumn Wind

    @chrisfurry Obviously doesn’t do the research. There are so many ways you could have at least looked like you knew what you were talking about in that statement!! HAHA Do you even know anyone in L.A. or been to a chargers game please just ask around!

  • The Autumn Wind

    They wont watch a losing team. Gotta have good product on the field to sell tickets. First thing is first. Also they will have a new stadium. Stay tuned. You’ll have plenty of time to hate then.

  • The Autumn Wind

    Well you did ask for proof of world wide fans so that sounds like a debate. You also got the proof you asked for from my dear fellow fan Raider Nation Down Under so that does sound like you lost. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Also articles naturally spark debate, hence the comment section. Good day!

  • goldenbaysports

    I got the proof I wanted, and I’m happy that the Raiders have worldwide fans. I’m not arguing or debating about that.

  • Chris Furry

    Perhaps you misread, I said five CRAPPY years of ALEX SMITH FRUSTRATION. He was drafted in ’05.

  • Chris Furry

    You had losing seasons, but if 9-7 is great football then I’m sorry for your expectations. BTW you had 1 more losing season in LA than you have had winning seasons since returning. So maybe terrible was the wrong word I should have said mediocre. 68% W-L, although FAR better than since your return. BTW .500 is NOT a winning season.

  • Raider Chris

    LA RAIDERS — Lets make it happen, again!

  • Chris Schroeder

    You’re going to say what you want Furry. Jump on board the Raiders hater boat. Here are the facts plain and simple when it comes to Al Davis. He practically single handily Is responsible for the birth of the NFL. Some of the greatest players to have ever played the game and were part of the greatest organization in It’s respected era that won 3 Super Bowl rings. Over the last decade Al Davis was an old man, His methods of managing his football team weren’t quite up to par being that he was very set in his traditional ways, which at one point were very successful. Anyways, must be a very stupid person for even trying to talk down about Al Davis. His accomplishments and achievements are so far superior to your minot intellectual substandard brain that you couldn’t even begin to grasp the reality of what you are trying to make sense of. Just do yourself a favor before you bring anymore embarrassment to your door and stop writing negative articles about the Raiders.

  • darthraider

    go across the pond with the other little faries

  • darthraider

    83 we beat the washinton redskins

  • Manny San Miguel

    Hey, Goldenboy… I’m one of this great INTERNATIONAL RAIDER NATION, since 1972… from San Juan, PUERTO RICO!

    Don’t start a fire you know NOTHING about…


  • Raider Nation Down Under


  • JC Brock

    I don’t ever see red, only Silver and Black! Nation for life baby!