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Oakland raiders: Getting to know Latavius Murray.

When the Raiders picked a huge running back in the 6th round, it didn’t raise eye brows.  The Raiders are always looking for that “diamond in the ruff” in true Al Davis fashion and they might have found him; enter Latavius Murray, #34. The 6’3”, 230 pound back arrived on the practice field in rookie camp looking more like a tight end or a full back. Built like#34, Bo Jackson, Latavius is an athletic specimen. But, who is this late round pick by our beloved Oakland Raiders.

Latavius is fast for a big man. At his pro day at Central Florida, he ran two 40 yard sprints at 4.40 or below. He is built like Michael Bush and has drawn great accolades for his pass catching abilities similar to Bush.  One of his best attributes are his hands. His hands are as reliable as they are rock solid. Latavius had ZERO fumbles in the last 400+ carries in his college career. (That’s amazing all in its own.)

Did I mention he’s big? Built in the same mold as Eric Dickerson (and runs similar to him) he has both the gift of speed and power.  He never gets caught from behind and I would not want to be the DB in front of him neither.  I can see Coach Allen using him in a lot of 3rd down with Marcel Reece in the same backfield. Could you imagine the nightmare in coverage that would bring to any line backing corps?


For the 2013 Raider depth chart, it looks like Darren McFadden (for the first 4 games), Rashad Jennings and then Latavius. I feel that Latavius will fit in our power run scheme better then Jennings and Latavius will be named the Raiders #2 starter (2013 sleeper) by the start of the 2013 season. I also feel that Latavius will be the rightful heir of the #1 spot once McBroken gets hurt again. Call me crazy but the writing is on the wall for DMC. Contract year + Rookie drive = Free agency for DMC. I would love to see DMC have an all pro year but he’s only had ONE year over 1000 yards which is a low and outdated goal in this days NFL.

God Bless the Raiders and God Bless the Raider Nation!


Greg Simon

JBB Staff Writer


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  • kendricke wilson

    I disagre with your statements on Dmc, I think he has a good season and will stay and give us that 1 2 punch out the backfield with Murray.

  • bill kush

    I think McFragile will be out by mid year & will be as good as gone next year & we won’t need him. I think he was a waste of a pick, he’s a decent runner but he will never stay healthy for an entire season. I’m pulling for Murray not much faith in Jennings. Go Raiders !

  • Raider Grant

    I’m glad about the acquisition of Latavius Murray, even though we could of had Kenjon Barner from Oregon. Murray could be pounding the rock through defensive line holes sooner than later. I feel “the new regime ” for Oakland is quick to disregard Marcel Reece’s talent. We need to find ways to get Reece more activley involved in our game plans. I would love to see a one, two punch using Reece & Murray ! Let’s face it, DMC just isn’t going to be the player we all thought & hoped he would be. I wish DMC the best, but the but Raiders need to move forward once he goes down.