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Akbar Gbaja-Biamila Blasts Raiders on NFL AM

I don’t pretend for one moment that the Raiders haven’t had their struggles over the past 10 years.  However, it just gets me riled up when I hear a former Oakland Raider player blasting his team in the Newspaper, on Radio, or on Television.  A player whose career was not stellar by any means, and one who never lived up to what his name is supposed to mean, “Great.”

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila played Defensive End and Linebacker for the Oakland Raiders from 2003-2004.  He mostly backed up the likes of Travian Smith and Tyler Brayton.  After the short stint in Oakland, he played for the Chargers in 2006, Dolphins in 2007, and, in 2008, he was signed as a practice squad member only with the Oakland Raiders.  With his football career not panning out, Gbaja-Biamila turned to a career in Sports Broadcasting.  Currently, he is a member of NFL AM on NFL Network.

This morning, he was asked to answer a question from NFL AM’s Double Coverage.  The question was, “Which team will have the biggest win differential from last year?”  Gbaja-Biamila stated the following, “Well that’s easy, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs.  I think they go from two wins to about eight or nine, maybe even ten, when you look at what they have…”  He goes on to talk about the dynamic players that the Chiefs have in his opinion, of course.  Then, he makes the comment that just sent me through the roof.  After running his mouth about the Chiefs some more, Gbaja-Biamila states, “And of course, they’re (Chiefs) playing in the AFC West where, they’ve got the Chargers who haven’t yet stepped up, and then the Oakland Raiders who you can just walk over.”

Walk over?  He said the Raiders are just a “Walk over team.”  Last time I checked, the Oakland Raiders are a professional football team.  They have had their struggles, but a walk over team.  This is ridiculous.  Gbaja-Biamila should be blasted on Twitter and Facebook.  So, I am calling on Raider Nation to let him know how we feel about his comment.  Absolutely absurd comment that comes from a has been and never was player.  Nation, his Twitter account is @Akbar_Gbaja.  He even has a picture of himself in a Raiders uniform on his profile page.  Yet he openly blasts his former team.  His phone should be blowing up with the Raider Nation’s comments on how we feel about his negativity toward our team.

Our team is young and hungry.  We are underestimated this year, but that will be the undoing for the teams playing us.  Keep thinking that we won’t win more than two or four games this year NFL Network.  Your surprise will be coming.  We’ve been the under-dog before, and we won the Super Bowl that year.  Go Raiders!

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  • nycraider

    He even did an Al Davis impersonation

  • Maninblck

    Easy there, let them think that way and you can see why Akbar is just as good a sports analyst as he was a player. (NOT!) What I hope in Raider Nation is that they don’t pay attention to us, so when we do show up it will catch them by surprise. By the way I’m surprised they covered something else than there five favorite topics on NFL AM. 1. Tebow Circus 2. The Hapless Jets 3. RG3 4. Tony Romo and the worthless Cowboys 5. The Eagles. Please check me if I’m wrong. Go Raiders!

  • hannibal

    Really? This is what counts as “blasting” now?

  • Joseph Budd

    I remember when the Raiders actually picked him up, because of injuries and his first game was against the Packers. Ironically, his brother played for the Packers and they ripped the Raiders big time. This clown is more like the standard idiot society that reports for the NFL Network, that has a manual that says, “Don’t forget to kick the Raiders in passing”. He probably doesn’t have a regular job, and out of pity, they hired his unemployable butt….what a joke.

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  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Ok I know we can get mad as Raiders nation fans, but lets look at what Marc Davis did to the Mystics of the Raiders. Last year we had a contending team with injuries to McFadden and Jason Campbell. So Hue needed a QB that new the system, so Carson was the answer. he was not in shape but yet the back-up’s was crap. So he got forced in early then DMC goes down. Next Al passes. Now Marc wants to say I am the brain and owner, did a Dan Snyder move. Hue would have had this team in the play-off. Yes the budget was way over but Al did this before salary cap. So yes But You bring in a whole new coaching staff from college Greg Knapp, Wow you don’t have the players for his system so he can’t coach his way or adjust to the players. Now we have 3 QB’s that are struggling, Vince Young is out there free at little money a winning record. Then the draft. DJ is a good pick, but a BIG risk, there was Floyd, and Star Loutielei. Hayden would have been there later. Then later we still did not get either of the other two guys. We have a DE that is still learning the game. So I don’t see progress from office. But the free Agency they did well, with Sims and LB pick ups, Charles coming back. KC had 5 pro-bowlers last year. So yeah I see what he see’s. Sorry. I hope I am wrong but the Qb scares me.

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    The only way to shut him up and everybody who thinks like he does is to go out and win football games. Everything else is rhetoric.

  • chase ruttig

    A guy with a Raiders photo as his twitter banner saying you can “walk over” the team that gave him a chance despite his injury battles? It is worth noting despite the fact that he didn’t really go in on “blasting” the team, he still referred to them as the pushovers of the AFC West.

  • Kevin Martin

    He was a hack, at best!

  • Lawrence Jahn

    Sounds like a Sapp to me :D

  • S&B_Attack

    What a jerk!!! Raider Nation needs to put him on blast immediately!!
    Ill have a rage filled, entertaining episode tomorrow on my YT channel, go to my twitter @S&B_Attack and the link to my channel is there. Ill post the video tomorrow morning

  • Tim Martindale

    That dude can’t talk about nobody he was nothing he wasn’t even a good back up. As for the chiefs everybody and they mama picked them to win last year they won two games the Raiders only won 4 but 2 was against them and they blanked em in one of em. I don’t give a shit what that bitch says or anyone else the Raiders will prove em wrong and if not I will still b there I’m committed something he never was

  • PunjabiPete

    As a die hard Chiefs fan, nothing would make me happier than to see the Chiefs-Raiders banging on eachother for first place while The donkeys and the Chargettes squalor in the bottom of the barrel… but the raider’s haven’t made a ton of moves that really shook the NFL up. Technically the Jaguars are a professional football team but I can name 4 high school teams in the Greater Kansas City area who could beat them… All jokes aside, sincerely, I hope the Raiders get it together so we can stop hearing about Phillipe Rivers and Old Man Manning… it’s like sportscasters don’t know there are 2 other teams in the AFC West…

    Of course in said games between KC and Oakland we would completely stomp you guys, but I think that goes without saying.

  • Frank

    who cares what he thinks

  • Ron Jennings

    Unless the game is in KC right? Cause you haven’t beat us there in what…..7 years?

  • FoolsGold

    you’re just like every other Raiders fan: completely disillusioned to how terrible you really are. when will you guys realize that you are being punished because al davis sold his soul to the devil in the seventies? instead of

    anyway, AGB is right. the chiefs will be the most improved team in the AFC west and compete for first place (at least a wild card spot) in the division. They’ve acquired Alex Smith, Donnie Avery, d-lineman Mike DeVito, and defensive backs Dunta Robinson and Sean Smith through free agency. Not to mention the (debatably) best o-lineman in the draft.

    the chiefs have filled holes on the personnel side and the front-office. attendance for minicamp and OTAs was near 100% (including Branden Albert). there is a positive, palpable change in KC. AGB said the chiefs will ‘walk’ all over the raiders because quite frankly they will.

    the raiders lost more than they gained. they have very unproven quarterbacks that they’re taking big chances on (this matt flynn move is reminiscent of the chiefs acquiring matt cassel). you guys can chirp all you want from the black hole, but the fact of the matter is that the raiders haven’t made enough moves to keep pace with their AFC west opponents.

  • chase ruttig

    We did add Charles Woodson and get Darren McFadden back at what we can assume will be 100%. The point is that there is no “walk over” team in the NFL and especially not a team that has made it their mantra to be a hard working franchise from this point forward.

    Fact of the matter is saying the Chiefs are going to be a lock to win two games over the Raiders is a stretch at best and calling a team that gave you your last chance in the league a “walk over” franchise is pathetic and cowardly. That is just my take

  • Steve Gallineaux

    Akbar says da raiders have been bad n they have but wat does dat say about him he couldn’t even start on a bad team so for someone who couldn’t even start should shut his big mouth! He’s not even a good analyst I watched da nfl am episode when he was talking shit and even da woman on there had to correct him a few times plus she made better points den he did on subjects they were discussing so for someone who isn’t good at nothing he does should watch how he talks about da raiders. He says da raiders r a walk over team but KC hasn’t walked over da raiders even when everyone said KC was gonna sweep raider nation last year I think Oakland even has a streak against KC on their own field!!! #akbarshuturmouthboy

  • PunjabiPete

    Let’s not get buried in semantics, I thought we were sharing a moment here. Dang Raiders fans… *grumble*

  • superman_25_58

    McFadden wont last 5 games and woodson is a good DB but the truth is he has gotten a lot older and more fragile as well as his production is about to be on a steady decline.

  • superman_25_58

    Yeah but we don’t have a group of dip shits behind center anymore and that’s the only reason the Chiefs lost so many games last year. Good/Great SMART QB play, makes all the difference in the world and you all lost Palmer who (wasn’t the cause of all the suckitude that has been going on in the black hole) is an experienced vet for Flynn who has played maybe what 8 games in the NFL. I like our chances.

  • superman_25_58

    Yeah well we don’t have Matt Cassel at the helm anymore who liked to give the ball away. Now we have Alex Smith who know how to take care of the ball and has been one of the most accurate QB’s in the league the last two years in SF. You all have Flynn (unproven), Pryor (unproven), and Wilson (unproven rookie). I think I like our chances.

  • justin

    Alex smith huh? Wow he’s so much better than Matt Cassel. Lol before you start people calling people disillusioned you should maybe look in the mirror Chiefs suck they always have and always will talk about a garbage franchise garbage post what a waste of time. How many superbowls have the Chiefs won again?

  • justin

    That wasn’t last year that was 2 years ago. Last year Jason Campbell was a Chicago Bear

  • Daniel

    Just another guy running his mouth. As bad as Oakland was, we still swept KC last year. All these fools actually believe in Alex Smith. They’ll learn soon enough.